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OsPEX11, a Peroxisomal Biogenesis Factor 11, Contributes to Salt Stress Tolerance in Oryza sativa.

Cui, P; Liu, H; Islam, F; Li, L; Farooq, MA; Ruan, S; Zhou, W

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Identification of gamma ray irradiation-induced mutations in membrane transport genes in a rice population by TILLING.

Hwang, JE; Jang, DS; Lee, KJ; Ahn, JW; Kim, SH; Kang, SY; Kim, DS; Kim, JB

Genes & genetic systems 2016

Haplotype distribution and association of candidate genes with salt tolerance in Indian wild rice germplasm.

Mishra, S; Singh, B; Misra, P; Rai, V; Singh, NK

Plant cell reports 2016 11

Combined herbicide and saline stress differentially modulates hormonal regulation and antioxidant defense system in Oryza sativa cultivars.

Islam, F; Ali, B; Wang, J; Farooq, MA; Gill, RA; Ali, S; Wang, D; Zhou, W

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

Regulation of cation transporter genes by the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in rice plants subjected to salinity suggests improved salt tolerance due to reduced Na(+) root-to-shoot distribution.

Porcel, R; Aroca, R; Azcon, R; Ruiz-Lozano, JM

Mycorrhiza 2016 7

Ectopic expression of PgRab7 in rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) results in differential tolerance at the vegetative and seed setting stage during salinity and drought stress.

Tripathy, MK; Tiwari, BS; Reddy, MK; Deswal, R; Sopory, SK

Protoplasma 2015

Functional analyses of a putative plasma membrane Na+/H+ antiporter gene isolated from salt tolerant Helianthus tuberosus.

Li, Q; Tang, Z; Hu, Y; Yu, L; Liu, Z; Xu, G

Molecular biology reports 2014 8

[Cloning and functional analysis of Phyllostachys edulis MYB transcription factor PeMYB2].

Xiao, DC; Zhang, ZJ; Xu, YW; Yang, L; Zhang, FX; Wang, CL

Yi chuan = Hereditas 2013 10

Effects of salt stress on ion balance and nitrogen metabolism of old and young leaves in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Wang, H; Zhang, M; Guo, R; Shi, D; Liu, B; Lin, X; Yang, C

BMC plant biology 2012

Heritable alteration in salt-tolerance in rice induced by introgression from wild rice (Zizania latifolia).

Yang, C; Zhang, T; Wang, H; Zhao, N; Liu, B

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2012 1

Functional characterization of a wheat plasma membrane Na+/H+ antiporter in yeast.

Xu, H; Jiang, X; Zhan, K; Cheng, X; Chen, X; Pardo, JM; Cui, D

Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 2008 1

Conservation of the salt overly sensitive pathway in rice.

Martínez-Atienza, J; Jiang, X; Garciadeblas, B; Mendoza, I; Zhu, JK; Pardo, JM; Quintero, FJ

Plant physiology 2007 2

Arabidopsis-rice-wheat gene orthologues for Na+ transport and transcript analysis in wheat-L. elongatum aneuploids under salt stress.

Mullan, DJ; Colmer, TD; Francki, MG

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2007 2