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Loss of function at RAE2, a previously unidentified EPFL, is required for awnlessness in cultivated Asian rice.

Bessho-Uehara, K; Wang, DR; Furuta, T; Minami, A; Nagai, K; Gamuyao, R; Asano, K; Angeles-Shim, RB; Shimizu, Y; Ayano, M; Komeda, N; Doi, K; Miura, K; Toda, Y; Kinoshita, T; Okuda, S; Higashiyama, T; Nomoto, M; Tada, Y; Shinohara, H; Matsubayashi, Y; Greenberg, A; Wu, J; Yasui, H; Yoshimura, A; Mori, H; McCouch, SR; Ashikari, M

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016 32

Influence of Multi-Gene Allele Combinations on Grain Size of Rice and Development of a Regression Equation Model to Predict Grain Parameters.

Lee, CM; Park, J; Kim, B; Seo, J; Lee, G; Jang, S; Koh, HJ

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2015 1

A comprehensive meta-analysis of plant morphology, yield, stay-green, and virus disease resistance QTL in maize (Zea mays L.).

Wang, Y; Xu, J; Deng, D; Ding, H; Bian, Y; Yin, Z; Wu, Y; Zhou, B; Zhao, Y

Planta 2016 2

The OsSPL16-GW7 regulatory module determines grain shape and simultaneously improves rice yield and grain quality.

Wang, S; Li, S; Liu, Q; Wu, K; Zhang, J; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Chen, X; Zhang, Y; Gao, C; Wang, F; Huang, H; Fu, X

Nature genetics 2015 8

Control of grain size, shape and quality by OsSPL16 in rice.

Wang, S; Wu, K; Yuan, Q; Liu, X; Liu, Z; Lin, X; Zeng, R; Zhu, H; Dong, G; Qian, Q; Zhang, G; Fu, X

Nature genetics 2012 8

High-resolution genetic mapping and candidate gene identification of the SLP1 locus that controls glume development in rice.

Wang, SS; Wang, CS; Tseng, TH; Hou, YL; Chen, KY

TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 2011 8