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OsJRL, a rice jacalin-related mannose-binding lectin gene, enhances Escherichia coli viability under high-salinity stress and improves salinity tolerance of rice.

He, X; Li, L; Xu, H; Xi, J; Cao, X; Xu, H; Rong, S; Dong, Y; Wang, C; Chen, R; Xu, J; Gao, X; Xu, Z

Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany) 2016

OsPEX11, a Peroxisomal Biogenesis Factor 11, Contributes to Salt Stress Tolerance in Oryza sativa.

Cui, P; Liu, H; Islam, F; Li, L; Farooq, MA; Ruan, S; Zhou, W

Frontiers in plant science 2016

2-Hydroxymelatonin promotes the resistance of rice plant to multiple simultaneous abiotic stresses (combined cold and drought).

Lee, HJ; Back, K

Journal of pineal research 2016 3

Combined herbicide and saline stress differentially modulates hormonal regulation and antioxidant defense system in Oryza sativa cultivars.

Islam, F; Ali, B; Wang, J; Farooq, MA; Gill, RA; Ali, S; Wang, D; Zhou, W

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

Regulation of cation transporter genes by the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in rice plants subjected to salinity suggests improved salt tolerance due to reduced Na(+) root-to-shoot distribution.

Porcel, R; Aroca, R; Azcon, R; Ruiz-Lozano, JM

Mycorrhiza 2016 7

Association of SNP Haplotypes of HKT Family Genes with Salt Tolerance in Indian Wild Rice Germplasm.

Mishra, S; Singh, B; Panda, K; Singh, BP; Singh, N; Misra, P; Rai, V; Singh, NK

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2016 1

OsHKT1;4-mediated Na(+) transport in stems contributes to Na(+) exclusion from leaf blades of rice at the reproductive growth stage upon salt stress.

Suzuki, K; Yamaji, N; Costa, A; Okuma, E; Kobayashi, NI; Kashiwagi, T; Katsuhara, M; Wang, C; Tanoi, K; Murata, Y; Schroeder, JI; Ma, JF; Horie, T

BMC plant biology 2016

Stress Tolerance Profiling of a Collection of Extant Salt-Tolerant Rice Varieties and Transgenic Plants Overexpressing Abiotic Stress Tolerance Genes.

Kurotani, K; Yamanaka, K; Toda, Y; Ogawa, D; Tanaka, M; Kozawa, H; Nakamura, H; Hakata, M; Ichikawa, H; Hattori, T; Takeda, S

Plant & cell physiology 2015 10

The Rice High-Affinity Potassium Transporter1;1 Is Involved in Salt Tolerance and Regulated by an MYB-Type Transcription Factor.

Wang, R; Jing, W; Xiao, L; Jin, Y; Shen, L; Zhang, W

Plant physiology 2015 3

Identification of rice cornichon as a possible cargo receptor for the Golgi-localized sodium transporter OsHKT1;3.

Rosas-Santiago, P; Lagunas-Gómez, D; Barkla, BJ; Vera-Estrella, R; Lalonde, S; Jones, A; Frommer, WB; Zimmermannova, O; Sychrová, H; Pantoja, O

Journal of experimental botany 2015 9

Growth, physiological adaptation, and gene expression analysis of two Egyptian rice cultivars under salt stress.

Mekawy, AM; Assaha, DV; Yahagi, H; Tada, Y; Ueda, A; Saneoka, H

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2015

Rice RCN1/OsABCG5 mutation alters accumulation of essential and nonessential minerals and causes a high Na/K ratio, resulting in a salt-sensitive phenotype.

Matsuda, S; Nagasawa, H; Yamashiro, N; Yasuno, N; Watanabe, T; Kitazawa, H; Takano, S; Tokuji, Y; Tani, M; Takamure, I; Kato, K

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2014

Salinity tolerance, Na+ exclusion and allele mining of HKT1;5 in Oryza sativa and O. glaberrima: many sources, many genes, one mechanism?

Platten, JD; Egdane, JA; Ismail, AM

BMC plant biology 2013

New allelic variants found in key rice salt-tolerance genes: an association study.

Negrão, S; Almadanim, MC; Pires, IS; Abreu, IA; Maroco, J; Courtois, B; Gregorio, GB; McNally, KL; Oliveira, MM

Plant biotechnology journal 2013 1

Effects of salt stress on ion balance and nitrogen metabolism of old and young leaves in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Wang, H; Zhang, M; Guo, R; Shi, D; Liu, B; Lin, X; Yang, C

BMC plant biology 2012

A two-staged model of Na+ exclusion in rice explained by 3D modeling of HKT transporters and alternative splicing.

Cotsaftis, O; Plett, D; Shirley, N; Tester, M; Hrmova, M

PloS one 2012 7

Comparison of ion balance and nitrogen metabolism in old and young leaves of alkali-stressed rice plants.

Wang, H; Wu, Z; Han, J; Zheng, W; Yang, C

PloS one 2012 5

HKT2;2/1, a K⁺-permeable transporter identified in a salt-tolerant rice cultivar through surveys of natural genetic polymorphism.

Oomen, RJ; Benito, B; Sentenac, H; Rodríguez-Navarro, A; Talón, M; Véry, AA; Domingo, C

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2012 5

Heritable alteration in salt-tolerance in rice induced by introgression from wild rice (Zizania latifolia).

Yang, C; Zhang, T; Wang, H; Zhao, N; Liu, B

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2012 1

K+ transport by the OsHKT2;4 transporter from rice with atypical Na+ transport properties and competition in permeation of K+ over Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions.

Horie, T; Brodsky, DE; Costa, A; Kaneko, T; Lo Schiavo, F; Katsuhara, M; Schroeder, JI

Plant physiology 2011 3