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WSL3, a component of the plastid-encoded plastid RNA polymerase, is essential for early chloroplast development in rice.

Wang, L; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Niu, M; Ren, Y; Zhou, K; Zhang, H; Lin, Q; Wu, F; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Guo, X; Jiang, L; Lei, C; Wang, J; Zhu, S; Zhao, Z; Wan, J

Plant molecular biology 2016 4-5

OspTAC2 encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat protein and regulates rice chloroplast development.

Wang, D; Liu, H; Zhai, G; Wang, L; Shao, J; Tao, Y

Journal of genetics and genomics = Yi chuan xue bao 2016

The RNA editing factor WSP1 is essential for chloroplast development in rice.

Zhang, Z; Cui, X; Wang, Y; Wu, J; Gu, X; Lu, T

Molecular plant 2016

Young Seedling Stripe1 encodes a chloroplast nucleoid-associated protein required for chloroplast development in rice seedlings.

Zhou, K; Ren, Y; Zhou, F; Wang, Y; Zhang, L; Lyu, J; Wang, Y; Zhao, S; Ma, W; Zhang, H; Wang, L; Wang, C; Wu, F; Zhang, X; Guo, X; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Lei, C; Jiang, L; Li, Z; Wan, J

Planta 2016

A wide reprogramming of histone H3 modifications during male meiosis I in rice is dependent on the Argonaute protein MEL1.

Liu, H; Nonomura, KI

Journal of cell science 2016 19

A novel fusarivirus isolated from the phytopathogenic fungus Nigrospora oryzae.

Zhong, J; Zhao, SQ; Li, GF; Pang, XD; Deng, XJ; Zhu, HJ; Da Gao, B; Zhou, Q

Virus genes 2016

Hairpin RNA Targeting Multiple Viral Genes Confers Strong Resistance to Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus.

Wang, F; Li, W; Zhu, J; Fan, F; Wang, J; Zhong, W; Wang, MB; Liu, Q; Zhu, QH; Zhou, T; Lan, Y; Zhou, Y; Yang, J

International journal of molecular sciences 2016 5

Intracellular localization of rice stripe virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and its interaction with nucleocapsid protein.

Zhao, S; Hao, J; Xue, Y; Liang, C

Virus genes 2015 3

A novel nonsegmented double-stranded RNA mycovirus identified in the phytopathogenic fungus Nigrospora oryzae shows similarity to partitivirus-like viruses.

Zhou, Q; Zhong, J; Hu, Y; Da Gao, B

Archives of virology 2016 1

3' and 5' microRNA-end post-biogenesis modifications in plant transcriptomes: Evidences from small RNA next generation sequencing data analysis.

Saraf, S; Sanan-Mishra, N; Gursanscky, NR; Carroll, BJ; Gupta, D; Mukherjee, SK

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2015 4

Importance of Mediator complex in the regulation and integration of diverse signaling pathways in plants.

Samanta, S; Thakur, JK

Frontiers in plant science 2015

Interaction of HSP20 with a viral RdRp changes its sub-cellular localization and distribution pattern in plants.

Li, J; Xiang, CY; Yang, J; Chen, JP; Zhang, HM

Scientific reports 2015

Genomic organization of a novel victorivirus from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae.

Tang, L; Hu, Y; Liu, L; Wu, S; Xie, J; Cheng, J; Fu, Y; Zhang, G; Ma, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, L

Archives of virology 2015 11

Spt-Ada-Gcn5-Acetyltransferase (SAGA) Complex in Plants: Genome Wide Identification, Evolutionary Conservation and Functional Determination.

Srivastava, R; Rai, KM; Pandey, B; Singh, SP; Sawant, SV

PloS one 2015 8

OsRDR6 plays role in host defense against double-stranded RNA virus, Rice Dwarf Phytoreovirus.

Hong, W; Qian, D; Sun, R; Jiang, L; Wang, Y; Wei, C; Zhang, Z; Li, Y

Scientific reports 2015

Transcriptional Slippage and RNA Editing Increase the Diversity of Transcripts in Chloroplasts: Insight from Deep Sequencing of Vigna radiata Genome and Transcriptome.

Lin, CP; Ko, CY; Kuo, CI; Liu, MS; Schafleitner, R; Chen, LF

PloS one 2015 6

Paenibacillus rhizoryzae sp. nov., isolated from rice rhizosphere.

Zhang, L; Gao, JS; Zhang, S; Ali Sheirdil, R; Wang, XC; Zhang, XX

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 2015 9

Tailor-made CRISPR/Cas system for highly efficient targeted gene replacement in the rice blast fungus.

Arazoe, T; Miyoshi, K; Yamato, T; Ogawa, T; Ohsato, S; Arie, T; Kuwata, S

Biotechnology and bioengineering 2015 12

Bacteriophage Xp10 anti-termination factor p7 induces forward translocation by host RNA polymerase.

Zenkin, N; Severinov, K; Yuzenkova, Y

Nucleic acids research 2015 13

Unique symbiotic viruses in plants: Endornaviruses.

Fukuhara, T

Uirusu 2015 2