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Quantitative trait loci identification and meta-analysis for rice panicle-related traits.

Wu, Y; Huang, M; Tao, X; Guo, T; Chen, Z; Xiao, W

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2016 5

OsMPK6 plays a critical role in cell differentiation during early embryogenesis in Oryza sativa.

Yi, J; Lee, YS; Lee, DY; Cho, MH; Jeon, JS; An, G

Journal of experimental botany 2016 8

Overexpression analysis suggests that FON2-LIKE CLE PROTEIN1 is involved in rice leaf development.

Ohmori, Y; Yasui, Y; Hirano, HY

Genes & genetic systems 2014 2

Rice globular embryo 4 (gle4) mutant is defective in radial pattern formation during embryogenesis.

Kamiya, N; Nishimura, A; Sentoku, N; Takabe, E; Nagato, Y; Kitano, H; Matsuoka, M

Plant & cell physiology 2003 9

OsPNH1 regulates leaf development and maintenance of the shoot apical meristem in rice.

Nishimura, A; Ito, M; Kamiya, N; Sato, Y; Matsuoka, M

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2002 2