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Rice NAC transcription factor ONAC095 plays opposite roles in drought and cold stress tolerance.

Huang, L; Hong, Y; Zhang, H; Li, D; Song, F

BMC plant biology 2016 1

Arabidopsis ATAF1 enhances the tolerance to salt stress and ABA in transgenic rice.

Liu, Y; Sun, J; Wu, Y

Journal of plant research 2016 5

Over-expression of a NAC 67 transcription factor from finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) confers tolerance against salinity and drought stress in rice.

Rahman, H; Ramanathan, V; Nallathambi, J; Duraialagaraja, S; Muthurajan, R

BMC biotechnology 2016


Sri-aroon, P; Chusongsang, P; Chusongsang, Y; Limpanont, Y; Surinthwong, P; Vongphayloth, K; Brey, PT

The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health 2015 5

Action of multiple intra-QTL genes concerted around a co-localized transcription factor underpins a large effect QTL.

Dixit, S; Kumar Biswal, A; Min, A; Henry, A; Oane, RH; Raorane, ML; Longkumer, T; Pabuayon, IM; Mutte, SK; Vardarajan, AR; Miro, B; Govindan, G; Albano-Enriquez, B; Pueffeld, M; Sreenivasulu, N; Slamet-Loedin, I; Sundarvelpandian, K; Tsai, YC; Raghuvanshi, S; Hsing, YI; Kumar, A; Kohli, A

Scientific reports 2015

A stress-responsive NAC transcription factor SNAC3 confers heat and drought tolerance through modulation of reactive oxygen species in rice.

Fang, Y; Liao, K; Du, H; Xu, Y; Song, H; Li, X; Xiong, L

Journal of experimental botany 2015 21

Comprehensive analysis suggests overlapping expression of rice ONAC transcription factors in abiotic and biotic stress responses.

Sun, L; Huang, L; Hong, Y; Zhang, H; Song, F; Li, D

International journal of molecular sciences 2015 2

Maize early endosperm growth and development: from fertilization through cell type differentiation.

Leroux, BM; Goodyke, AJ; Schumacher, KI; Abbott, CP; Clore, AM; Yadegari, R; Larkins, BA; Dannenhoffer, JM

American journal of botany 2014 8

OsNAP connects abscisic acid and leaf senescence by fine-tuning abscisic acid biosynthesis and directly targeting senescence-associated genes in rice.

Liang, C; Wang, Y; Zhu, Y; Tang, J; Hu, B; Liu, L; Ou, S; Wu, H; Sun, X; Chu, J; Chu, C

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014 27

Transcriptome analysis of leaf and root of rice seedling to acute dehydration.

Minh-Thu, PT; Hwang, DJ; Jeon, JS; Nahm, BH; Kim, YK

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2013 1

Rice WRKY13 regulates cross talk between abiotic and biotic stress signaling pathways by selective binding to different cis-elements.

Xiao, J; Cheng, H; Li, X; Xiao, J; Xu, C; Wang, S

Plant physiology 2013 4

Genome-wide analysis and identification of stress-responsive genes of the NAM-ATAF1,2-CUC2 transcription factor family in apple.

Su, H; Zhang, S; Yuan, X; Chen, C; Wang, XF; Hao, YJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2013

kNACking on heaven's door: how important are NAC transcription factors for leaf senescence and Fe/Zn remobilization to seeds?

Ricachenevsky, FK; Menguer, PK; Sperotto, RA

Frontiers in plant science 2013

Genome-wide organization and expression profiling of the NAC transcription factor family in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.).

Singh, AK; Sharma, V; Pal, AK; Acharya, V; Ahuja, PS

DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes 2013 4

Transcriptome analysis of phytohormone, transporters and signaling pathways in response to vanadium stress in rice roots.

Lin, CY; Trinh, NN; Lin, CW; Huang, HJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2013

Functions of rice NAC transcriptional factors, ONAC122 and ONAC131, in defense responses against Magnaporthe grisea.

Sun, L; Zhang, H; Li, D; Huang, L; Hong, Y; Ding, XS; Nelson, RS; Zhou, X; Song, F

Plant molecular biology 2013 1-2

High-throughput two-dimensional root system phenotyping platform facilitates genetic analysis of root growth and development.

Clark, RT; Famoso, AN; Zhao, K; Shaff, JE; Craft, EJ; Bustamante, CD; McCouch, SR; Aneshansley, DJ; Kochian, LV

Plant, cell & environment 2013 2

Expression of a finger millet transcription factor, EcNAC1, in tobacco confers abiotic stress-tolerance.

Ramegowda, V; Senthil-Kumar, M; Nataraja, KN; Reddy, MK; Mysore, KS; Udayakumar, M

PloS one 2012 7

Phylogenetic analyses unravel the evolutionary history of NAC proteins in plants.

Zhu, T; Nevo, E; Sun, D; Peng, J

Evolution; international journal of organic evolution 2012 6

Comprehensive gene expression analysis of the NAC gene family under normal growth conditions, hormone treatment, and drought stress conditions in rice using near-isogenic lines (NILs) generated from crossing Aday Selection (drought tolerant) and IR64.

Nuruzzaman, M; Sharoni, AM; Satoh, K; Moumeni, A; Venuprasad, R; Serraj, R; Kumar, A; Leung, H; Attia, K; Kikuchi, S

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2012 5