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Biosynthesis of natural and novel C-glycosylflavones utilising recombinant Oryza sativa C-glycosyltransferase (OsCGT) and Desmodium incanum root proteins.

Hao, B; Caulfield, JC; Hamilton, ML; Pickett, JA; Midega, CA; Khan, ZR; Wang, J; Hooper, AM

Phytochemistry 2016

CYP93G2 is a flavanone 2-hydroxylase required for C-glycosylflavone biosynthesis in rice.

Du, Y; Chu, H; Chu, IK; Lo, C

Plant physiology 2010 1

The C-glycosylation of flavonoids in cereals.

Brazier-Hicks, M; Evans, KM; Gershater, MC; Puschmann, H; Steel, PG; Edwards, R

The Journal of biological chemistry 2009 27