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Genetic control of flowering time in rice: integration of Mendelian genetics and genomics.

Hori, K; Matsubara, K; Yano, M

TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 2016

Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of qHD5, a novel major QTL with pleiotropism for yield-related traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Sun, B; Zhan, XD; Lin, ZC; Wu, WX; Yu, P; Zhang, YX; Sun, LP; Cao, LY; Cheng, SH

TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 2016

Research progress of photoperiod regulated genes on flowering time in rice.

Deyan, K; Shoujun, C; Liguo, Z; Huan, G; Lijun, L; Zaochang, L

Yi chuan = Hereditas 2016 6

Overexpression of OsMYB1R1-VP64 fusion protein increases grain yield in rice by delaying flowering time.

Wang, J; Wu, F; Zhu, S; Xu, Y; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Li, C; Sheng, P; Zhang, H; Cai, M; Guo, X; Zhang, X; Wang, C; Wan, J

FEBS letters 2016 19

A CONSTANS-like transcriptional activator, OsCOL13, functions as a negative regulator of flowering downstream of OsphyB and upstream of Ehd1 in rice.

Sheng, P; Wu, F; Tan, J; Zhang, H; Ma, W; Chen, L; Wang, J; Wang, J; Zhu, S; Guo, X; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Cheng, Z; Bao, Y; Wu, C; Liu, X; Wan, J

Plant molecular biology 2016 1-2

Hd18, Encoding Histone Acetylase Related to Arabidopsis FLOWERING LOCUS D, is Involved in the Control of Flowering Time in Rice.

Shibaya, T; Hori, K; Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Yamanouchi, U; Shu, K; Kitazawa, N; Shomura, A; Ando, T; Ebana, K; Wu, J; Yamazaki, T; Yano, M

Plant & cell physiology 2016 9

Hd3a, RFT1 and Ehd1 integrate photoperiodic and drought stress signals to delay the floral transition in rice.

Galbiati, F; Chiozzotto, R; Locatelli, F; Spada, A; Genga, A; Fornara, F

Plant, cell & environment 2016 9

OsBBX14 delays heading date by repressing florigen gene expression under long and short-day conditions in rice.

Bai, B; Zhao, J; Li, Y; Zhang, F; Zhou, J; Chen, F; Xie, X

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2016

OsPhyA modulates rice flowering time mainly through OsGI under short days and Ghd7 under long days in the absence of phytochrome B.

Lee, YS; Yi, J; An, G

Plant molecular biology 2016 4-5

Hd1,a CONSTANS ortholog in rice, functions as an Ehd1 repressor through interaction with monocot-specific CCT-domain protein Ghd7.

Nemoto, Y; Nonoue, Y; Yano, M; Izawa, T

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2016 3

The Oryza sativa Regulator HDR1 Associates with the Kinase OsK4 to Control Photoperiodic Flowering.

Sun, X; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Cui, X; Feng, D; Wang, K; Xu, M; Zhou, L; Han, X; Gu, X; Lu, T

PLoS genetics 2016 3

OsVIL1 controls flowering time in rice by suppressing OsLF under short days and by inducing Ghd7 under long days.

Jeong, HJ; Yang, J; Cho, LH; An, G

Plant cell reports 2016 4

SET DOMAIN GROUP 708, a histone H3 lysine 36-specific methyltransferase, controls flowering time in rice (Oryza sativa).

Liu, B; Wei, G; Shi, J; Jin, J; Shen, T; Ni, T; Shen, WH; Yu, Y; Dong, A

The New phytologist 2016 2

Both Hd1 and Ehd1 are important for artificial selection of flowering time in cultivated rice.

Wei, FJ; Tsai, YC; Wu, HP; Huang, LT; Chen, YC; Chen, YF; Wu, CC; Tseng, YT; Hsing, YI

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2016

OsNF-YC2 and OsNF-YC4 proteins inhibit flowering under long-day conditions in rice.

Kim, SK; Park, HY; Jang, YH; Lee, KC; Chung, YS; Lee, JH; Kim, JK

Planta 2016 3

OsHAL3, a Blue Light-Responsive Protein, Interacts with the Floral Regulator Hd1 to Activate Flowering in Rice.

Su, L; Shan, JX; Gao, JP; Lin, HX

Molecular plant 2016 2

Brassinosteroid (BR) biosynthetic gene lhdd10 controls late heading and plant height in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Liu, X; Feng, ZM; Zhou, CL; Ren, YK; Mou, CL; Wu, T; Yang, CY; Liu, SJ; Jiang, L; Wan, JM

Plant cell reports 2016 2

The RING-Finger Ubiquitin Ligase HAF1 Mediates Heading date 1 Degradation during Photoperiodic Flowering in Rice.

Yang, Y; Fu, D; Zhu, C; He, Y; Zhang, H; Liu, T; Li, X; Wu, C

The Plant cell 2015 9

Nonfunctional alleles of long-day suppressor genes independently regulate flowering time.

Zheng, XM; Feng, L; Wang, J; Qiao, W; Zhang, L; Cheng, Y; Yang, Q

Journal of integrative plant biology 2016 6

Combinations of the Ghd7, Ghd8 and Hd1 genes largely define the ecogeographical adaptation and yield potential of cultivated rice.

Zhang, J; Zhou, X; Yan, W; Zhang, Z; Lu, L; Han, Z; Zhao, H; Liu, H; Song, P; Hu, Y; Shen, G; He, Q; Guo, S; Gao, G; Wang, G; Xing, Y

The New phytologist 2015 4