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Young Seedling Stripe1 encodes a chloroplast nucleoid-associated protein required for chloroplast development in rice seedlings.

Zhou, K; Ren, Y; Zhou, F; Wang, Y; Zhang, L; Lyu, J; Wang, Y; Zhao, S; Ma, W; Zhang, H; Wang, L; Wang, C; Wu, F; Zhang, X; Guo, X; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Lei, C; Jiang, L; Li, Z; Wan, J

Planta 2016

Transposon-derived small RNA is responsible for modified function of WRKY45 locus.

Zhang, H; Tao, Z; Hong, H; Chen, Z; Wu, C; Li, X; Xiao, J; Wang, S

Nature plants 2016

Rice stripe1-2 and stripe1-3 Mutants Encoding the Small Subunit of Ribonucleotide Reductase Are Temperature Sensitive and Are Required for Chlorophyll Biosynthesis.

Chen, X; Zhu, L; Xin, L; Du, K; Ran, X; Cui, X; Xiang, Q; Zhang, H; Xu, P; Wu, X

PloS one 2015 6

Establishment of the chloroplast genetic system in rice during early leaf development and at low temperatures.

Kusumi, K; Iba, K

Frontiers in plant science 2014

OsYSL16 plays a role in the allocation of iron.

Kakei, Y; Ishimaru, Y; Kobayashi, T; Yamakawa, T; Nakanishi, H; Nishizawa, NK

Plant molecular biology 2012 6

Activation of rice Yellow Stripe1-Like 16 (OsYSL16) enhances iron efficiency.

Lee, S; Ryoo, N; Jeon, JS; Guerinot, ML; An, G

Molecules and cells 2012 2

OsYSL18 is a rice iron(III)-deoxymugineic acid transporter specifically expressed in reproductive organs and phloem of lamina joints.

Aoyama, T; Kobayashi, T; Takahashi, M; Nagasaka, S; Usuda, K; Kakei, Y; Ishimaru, Y; Nakanishi, H; Mori, S; Nishizawa, NK

Plant molecular biology 2009 6

Rice virescent3 and stripe1 encoding the large and small subunits of ribonucleotide reductase are required for chloroplast biogenesis during early leaf development.

Yoo, SC; Cho, SH; Sugimoto, H; Li, J; Kusumi, K; Koh, HJ; Iba, K; Paek, NC

Plant physiology 2009 1

Rice OsYSL15 is an iron-regulated iron(III)-deoxymugineic acid transporter expressed in the roots and is essential for iron uptake in early growth of the seedlings.

Inoue, H; Kobayashi, T; Nozoye, T; Takahashi, M; Kakei, Y; Suzuki, K; Nakazono, M; Nakanishi, H; Mori, S; Nishizawa, NK

The Journal of biological chemistry 2009 6

OsYSL2 is a rice metal-nicotianamine transporter that is regulated by iron and expressed in the phloem.

Koike, S; Inoue, H; Mizuno, D; Takahashi, M; Nakanishi, H; Mori, S; Nishizawa, NK

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2004 3

Yellow stripe1. Expanded roles for the maize iron-phytosiderophore transporter.

Roberts, LA; Pierson, AJ; Panaviene, Z; Walker, EL

Plant physiology 2004 1