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Genetic interactions between diverged alleles of Early heading date 1 (Ehd1) and Heading date 3a (Hd3a)/ RICE FLOWERING LOCUS T1 (RFT1) control differential heading and contribute to regional adaptation in rice (Oryza sativa).

Zhao, J; Chen, H; Ren, D; Tang, H; Qiu, R; Feng, J; Long, Y; Niu, B; Chen, D; Zhong, T; Liu, YG; Guo, J

The New phytologist 2015 3

Rice osa-miR171c Mediates Phase Change from Vegetative to Reproductive Development and Shoot Apical Meristem Maintenance by Repressing Four OsHAM Transcription Factors.

Fan, T; Li, X; Yang, W; Xia, K; Ouyang, J; Zhang, M

PloS one 2015 5

Genetic architecture of variation in heading date among Asian rice accessions.

Hori, K; Nonoue, Y; Ono, N; Shibaya, T; Ebana, K; Matsubara, K; Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Tanabata, T; Sugimoto, K; Taguchi-Shiobara, F; Yonemaru, J; Mizobuchi, R; Uga, Y; Fukuda, A; Ueda, T; Yamamoto, S; Yamanouchi, U; Takai, T; Ikka, T; Kondo, K; Hoshino, T; Yamamoto, E; Adachi, S; Nagasaki, H; Shomura, A; Shimizu, T; Kono, I; Ito, S; Mizubayashi, T; Kitazawa, N; Nagata, K; Ando, T; Fukuoka, S; Yamamoto, T; Yano, M

BMC plant biology 2015

OsNAC2 encoding a NAC transcription factor that affects plant height through mediating the gibberellic acid pathway in rice.

Chen, X; Lu, S; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Lv, B; Luo, L; Xi, D; Shen, J; Ma, H; Ming, F

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 2

Hd3a promotes lateral branching in rice.

Tsuji, H; Tachibana, C; Tamaki, S; Taoka, K; Kyozuka, J; Shimamoto, K

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 2

Loss of floral repressor function adapts rice to higher latitudes in Europe.

Gómez-Ariza, J; Galbiati, F; Goretti, D; Brambilla, V; Shrestha, R; Pappolla, A; Courtois, B; Fornara, F

Journal of experimental botany 2015 7

FT-like proteins induce transposon silencing in the shoot apex during floral induction in rice.

Tamaki, S; Tsuji, H; Matsumoto, A; Fujita, A; Shimatani, Z; Terada, R; Sakamoto, T; Kurata, T; Shimamoto, K

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2015 8

Three CCT domain-containing genes were identified to regulate heading date by candidate gene-based association mapping and transformation in rice.

Zhang, L; Li, Q; Dong, H; He, Q; Liang, L; Tan, C; Han, Z; Yao, W; Li, G; Zhao, H; Xie, W; Xing, Y

Scientific reports 2015

The rice enhancer of zeste [E(z)] genes SDG711 and SDG718 are respectively involved in long day and short day signaling to mediate the accurate photoperiod control of flowering time.

Liu, X; Zhou, C; Zhao, Y; Zhou, S; Wang, W; Zhou, DX

Frontiers in plant science 2014

Days to heading 7, a major quantitative locus determining photoperiod sensitivity and regional adaptation in rice.

Gao, H; Jin, M; Zheng, XM; Chen, J; Yuan, D; Xin, Y; Wang, M; Huang, D; Zhang, Z; Zhou, K; Sheng, P; Ma, J; Ma, W; Deng, H; Jiang, L; Liu, S; Wang, H; Wu, C; Yuan, L; Wan, J

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014 46

The evolution of flowering strategies in US weedy rice.

Thurber, CS; Reagon, M; Olsen, KM; Jia, Y; Caicedo, AL

American journal of botany 2014 10

EF8 is involved in photoperiodic flowering pathway and chlorophyll biogenesis in rice.

Feng, Z; Zhang, L; Yang, C; Wu, T; Lv, J; Chen, Y; Liu, X; Liu, S; Jiang, L; Wan, J

Plant cell reports 2014 12

Sorghum phytochrome B inhibits flowering in long days by activating expression of SbPRR37 and SbGHD7, repressors of SbEHD1, SbCN8 and SbCN12.

Yang, S; Murphy, RL; Morishige, DT; Klein, PE; Rooney, WL; Mullet, JE

PloS one 2014 8

Dlf1, a WRKY transcription factor, is involved in the control of flowering time and plant height in rice.

Cai, Y; Chen, X; Xie, K; Xing, Q; Wu, Y; Li, J; Du, C; Sun, Z; Guo, Z

PloS one 2014 7

Cloning of quantitative trait genes from rice reveals conservation and divergence of photoperiod flowering pathways in Arabidopsis and rice.

Matsubara, K; Hori, K; Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Yano, M

Frontiers in plant science 2014

Diversity of floral regulatory genes of japonica rice cultivated at northern latitudes.

Naranjo, L; Talón, M; Domingo, C

BMC genomics 2014

RBS1, an RNA binding protein, interacts with SPIN1 and is involved in flowering time control in rice.

Cai, Y; Vega-Sánchez, ME; Park, CH; Bellizzi, M; Guo, Z; Wang, GL

PloS one 2014 1

A point mutation in the zinc finger motif of RID1/EHD2/OsID1 protein leads to outstanding yield-related traits in japonica rice variety Wuyunjing 7.

Hu, S; Dong, G; Xu, J; Su, Y; Shi, Z; Ye, W; Li, Y; Li, G; Zhang, B; Hu, J; Qian, Q; Zeng, D; Guo, L

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2013 1

Natural variation of the RICE FLOWERING LOCUS T 1 contributes to flowering time divergence in rice.

Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Matsubara, K; Yamamoto, S; Nonoue, Y; Wu, J; Fujisawa, H; Ishikubo, H; Tanaka, T; Ando, T; Matsumoto, T; Yano, M

PloS one 2013 10

Analysis of the early-flowering mechanisms and generation of T-DNA tagging lines in Kitaake, a model rice cultivar.

Kim, SL; Choi, M; Jung, KH; An, G

Journal of experimental botany 2013 14