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Senescence-specific change in ROS scavenging enzyme activities and regulation of various SOD isozymes to ROS levels in psf mutant rice leaves.

Wang, F; Liu, J; Zhou, L; Pan, G; Li, Z; Zaidi, SH; Cheng, F

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

The rice OsDIL gene plays a role in drought tolerance at vegetative and reproductive stages.

Guo, C; Ge, X; Ma, H

Plant molecular biology 2013 3

Mitigation of adverse effects of chlorpyrifos by 24-epibrassinolide and analysis of stress markers in a rice variety Pusa Basmati-1.

Sharma, I; Bhardwaj, R; Pati, PK

Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 2012

Heat exposure alters the expression of SOD, POD, APX and CAT isozymes and mitigates low cadmium toxicity in seedlings of sensitive and tolerant rice cultivars.

Shah, K; Nahakpam, S

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2012

Overexpression of a Harpin-encoding gene hrf1 in rice enhances drought tolerance.

Zhang, L; Xiao, S; Li, W; Feng, W; Li, J; Wu, Z; Gao, X; Liu, F; Shao, M

Journal of experimental botany 2011 12

Identification of elicitor-responsive proteins in rice leaves by a proteomic approach.

Liao, M; Li, Y; Wang, Z

Proteomics 2009 10

Proteomic analysis of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related proteins in rice roots.

Kim, SG; Kim, ST; Kang, SY; Wang, Y; Kim, W; Kang, KY

Plant cell reports 2008 2

Gene transcription in the leaves of rice undergoing salt-induced morphological changes (Oryza sativa L.).

Kim, DW; Shibato, J; Agrawal, GK; Fujihara, S; Iwahashi, H; Kim, du H; Shim, IeS; Rakwal, R

Molecules and cells 2007 1

Differential gene expressions of rice superoxide dismutase isoforms to oxidative and environmental stresses.

Kaminaka, H; Morita, S; Tokumoto, M; Masumura, T; Tanaka, K

Free radical research 1999