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Efficient Production of a Bioactive Bevacizumab Monoclonal Antibody Using the 2A Self-cleavage Peptide in Transgenic Rice Callus.

Chen, L; Yang, X; Luo, D; Yu, W

Frontiers in plant science 2016

The role of silicon in enhancing resistance to bacterial blight of hydroponic- and soil-cultured rice.

Song, A; Xue, G; Cui, P; Fan, F; Liu, H; Yin, C; Sun, W; Liang, Y

Scientific reports 2016

Inhibitory effect of rice bran extracts and its phenolic compounds on polyphenol oxidase activity and browning in potato and apple puree.

Sukhonthara, S; Kaewka, K; Theerakulkait, C

Food chemistry 2016

Chloroplastic and cytoplasmic overexpression of sheep serotonin N-acetyltransferase in transgenic rice plants is associated with low melatonin production despite high enzyme activity.

Byeon, Y; Lee, HY; Back, K

Journal of pineal research 2015 4

Multiple origins of the phenol reaction negative phenotype in foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv., were caused by independent loss-of-function mutations of the polyphenol oxidase (Si7PPO) gene during domestication.

Inoue, T; Yuo, T; Ohta, T; Hitomi, E; Ichitani, K; Kawase, M; Taketa, S; Fukunaga, K

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2015 4

Constitutive expression of McCHIT1-PAT enhances resistance to rice blast and herbicide, but does not affect grain yield in transgenic glutinous rice.

Zeng, XF; Li, L; Li, JR; Zhao, DG

Biotechnology and applied biochemistry 1

Exposure to pesticide mixtures and DNA damage among rice field workers.

Varona-Uribe, ME; Torres-Rey, CH; Díaz-Criollo, S; Palma-Parra, RM; Narváez, DM; Carmona, SP; Briceño, L; Idrovo, AJ

Archives of environmental & occupational health 2016 1

Screening anti-southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus drugs based on S7-1 gene expression in rice suspension cells.

Yu, D; Wang, Z; Liu, J; Lv, M; Liu, J; Li, X; Chen, Z; Jin, L; Hu, D; Yang, S; Song, B

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2013 34

Expression patterns of defense genes in resistance of the panicles exserted from the caulis and from the tillers to neck blast in rice.

Hao, Z; Wang, L; Huang, F; Tao, R

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2012

Expression of defense genes and antioxidant defense responses in rice resistance to neck blast at the preliminary heading stage and full heading stage.

Hao, Z; Wang, L; Huang, F; Tao, R

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2012

silencing COI1 in rice increases susceptibility to chewing insects and impairs inducible defense.

Ye, M; Luo, SM; Xie, JF; Li, YF; Xu, T; Liu, Y; Song, YY; Zhu-Salzman, K; Zeng, RS

PloS one 2012 4

Porphyrin biosynthesis control under water stress: sustained porphyrin status correlates with drought tolerance in transgenic rice.

Phung, TH; Jung, HI; Park, JH; Kim, JG; Back, K; Jung, S

Plant physiology 2011 4

Novel Phr1 mutations and the evolution of phenol reaction variation in US weedy rice (Oryza sativa).

Gross, BL; Skare, KJ; Olsen, KM

The New phytologist 2009 4

Identification of an extensive gene cluster among a family of PPOs in Trifolium pratense L. (red clover) using a large insert BAC library.

Winters, A; Heywood, S; Farrar, K; Donnison, I; Thomas, A; Webb, KJ

BMC plant biology 2009

Extraction of rice bran extract and some factors affecting its inhibition of polyphenol oxidase activity and browning in potato.

Boonsiripiphat, K; Theerakulkait, C

Preparative biochemistry & biotechnology 2009 2

Independent losses of function in a polyphenol oxidase in rice: differentiation in grain discoloration between subspecies and the role of positive selection under domestication.

Yu, Y; Tang, T; Qian, Q; Wang, Y; Yan, M; Zeng, D; Han, B; Wu, CI; Shi, S; Li, J

The Plant cell 2008 11

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals and two organochlorine pesticides (DDT and BHC) in crops irrigated with secondary treated waste water.

Mishra, VK; Upadhyay, AR; Tripathi, BD

Environmental monitoring and assessment 2009 1-4

Physiological and cytological mechanisms of silicon-induced resistance in rice against blast disease.

Cai, K; Gao, D; Luo, S; Zeng, R; Yang, J; Zhu, X

Physiologia plantarum 2008 2

Toxic tetrapyrrole accumulation in protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase-overexpressing transgenic rice plants.

Jung, S; Lee, HJ; Lee, Y; Kang, K; Kim, YS; Grimm, B; Back, K

Plant molecular biology 2008 5

[Silicon application enhances resistance to sheath blight (Rhizoctonia solani) in rice].

Zhang, GL; Dai, QG; Zhang, HC

Zhi wu sheng li yu fen zi sheng wu xue xue bao = Journal of plant physiology and molecular biology 2006 5