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SLG controls grain size and leaf angle by modulating brassinosteroid homeostasis in rice.

Feng, Z; Wu, C; Wang, C; Roh, J; Zhang, L; Chen, J; Zhang, S; Zhang, H; Yang, C; Hu, J; You, X; Liu, X; Yang, X; Guo, X; Zhang, X; Wu, F; Terzaghi, W; Kim, SK; Jiang, L; Wan, J

Journal of experimental botany 2016 14

CLUSTERED PRIMARY BRANCH 1, a new allele of DWARF11, controls panicle architecture and seed size in rice.

Wu, Y; Fu, Y; Zhao, S; Gu, P; Zhu, Z; Sun, C; Tan, L

Plant biotechnology journal 2016 1

Brassinosteroids promote development of rice pollen grains and seeds by triggering expression of Carbon Starved Anther, a MYB domain protein.

Zhu, X; Liang, W; Cui, X; Chen, M; Yin, C; Luo, Z; Zhu, J; Lucas, WJ; Wang, Z; Zhang, D

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 4

H3K36 methylation is critical for brassinosteroid-regulated plant growth and development in rice.

Sui, P; Jin, J; Ye, S; Mu, C; Gao, J; Feng, H; Shen, WH; Yu, Y; Dong, A

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2012 2

RAV-Like1 maintains brassinosteroid homeostasis via the coordinated activation of BRI1 and biosynthetic genes in rice.

Je, BI; Piao, HL; Park, SJ; Park, SH; Kim, CM; Xuan, YH; Park, SH; Huang, J; Do Choi, Y; An, G; Wong, HL; Fujioka, S; Kim, MC; Shimamoto, K; Han, CD

The Plant cell 2010 6

Involvement of C-22-hydroxylated brassinosteroids in auxin-induced lamina joint bending in rice.

Nakamura, A; Fujioka, S; Takatsuto, S; Tsujimoto, M; Kitano, H; Yoshida, S; Asami, T; Nakano, T

Plant & cell physiology 2009 9

Activation tagging, an efficient tool for functional analysis of the rice genome.

Wan, S; Wu, J; Zhang, Z; Sun, X; Lv, Y; Gao, C; Ning, Y; Ma, J; Guo, Y; Zhang, Q; Zheng, X; Zhang, C; Ma, Z; Lu, T

Plant molecular biology 2009 1-2

CYP724B2 and CYP90B3 function in the early C-22 hydroxylation steps of brassinosteroid biosynthetic pathway in tomato.

Ohnishi, T; Watanabe, B; Sakata, K; Mizutani, M

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2006 9

Erect leaves caused by brassinosteroid deficiency increase biomass production and grain yield in rice.

Sakamoto, T; Morinaka, Y; Ohnishi, T; Sunohara, H; Fujioka, S; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Mizutani, M; Sakata, K; Takatsuto, S; Yoshida, S; Tanaka, H; Kitano, H; Matsuoka, M

Nature biotechnology 2006 1

The Rice brassinosteroid-deficient dwarf2 mutant, defective in the rice homolog of Arabidopsis DIMINUTO/DWARF1, is rescued by the endogenously accumulated alternative bioactive brassinosteroid, dolichosterone.

Hong, Z; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Fujioka, S; Takatsuto, S; Yoshida, S; Hasegawa, Y; Ashikari, M; Kitano, H; Matsuoka, M

The Plant cell 2005 8

A novel cytochrome P450 is implicated in brassinosteroid biosynthesis via the characterization of a rice dwarf mutant, dwarf11, with reduced seed length.

Tanabe, S; Ashikari, M; Fujioka, S; Takatsuto, S; Yoshida, S; Yano, M; Yoshimura, A; Kitano, H; Matsuoka, M; Fujisawa, Y; Kato, H; Iwasaki, Y

The Plant cell 2005 3

Differential expression of a gene encoding an acidic dehydrin in chilling sensitive and freezing tolerant gramineae species.

Danyluk, J; Houde, M; Rassart, E; Sarhan, F

FEBS letters 1994 1

A tomato cDNA inducible by salt stress and abscisic acid: nucleotide sequence and expression pattern.

Godoy, JA; Pardo, JM; Pintor-Toro, JA

Plant molecular biology 1990 5