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Molecular Breeding of Rice Restorer Lines and Hybrids for Brown Planthopper (BPH) Resistance Using the Bph14 and Bph15 Genes.

Wang, H; Ye, S; Mou, T

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2016 1

Recent progress on the genetics and molecular breeding of brown planthopper resistance in rice.

Hu, J; Xiao, C; He, Y

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2016 1

The impact and origin of copy number variations in the Oryza species.

Bai, Z; Chen, J; Liao, Y; Wang, M; Liu, R; Ge, S; Wing, RA; Chen, M

BMC genomics 2016

Genetic and biochemical mechanisms of rice resistance to planthopper.

Ling, Y; Weilin, Z

Plant cell reports 2016 8

Development and validation of a PCR-based functional marker system for the brown planthopper resistance gene Bph14 in rice.

Zhou, L; Chen, Z; Lang, X; Du, B; Liu, K; Yang, G; Hu, G; Li, S; He, G; You, A

Breeding science 2013 3

Towards understanding of molecular interactions between rice and the brown planthopper.

Cheng, X; Zhu, L; He, G

Molecular plant 2013 3

Pyramiding and evaluation of three dominant brown planthopper resistance genes in the elite indica rice 9311 and its hybrids.

Hu, J; Cheng, M; Gao, G; Zhang, Q; Xiao, J; He, Y

Pest management science 2013 7

Biological effects of rice harbouring Bph14 and Bph15 on brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens.

Li, J; Chen, Q; Wang, L; Liu, J; Shang, K; Hua, H

Pest management science 2011 5

Identification and characterization of Bph14, a gene conferring resistance to brown planthopper in rice.

Du, B; Zhang, W; Liu, B; Hu, J; Wei, Z; Shi, Z; He, R; Zhu, L; Chen, R; Han, B; He, G

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2009 52

Herbivore-induced callose deposition on the sieve plates of rice: an important mechanism for host resistance.

Hao, P; Liu, C; Wang, Y; Chen, R; Tang, M; Du, B; Zhu, L; He, G

Plant physiology 2008 4

Two whitebacked planthopper resistance genes in rice share the same loci with those for brown planthopper resistance.

Tan, GX; Weng, QM; Ren, X; Huang, Z; Zhu, LL; He, GC

Heredity 2004 3