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The role of silicon in enhancing resistance to bacterial blight of hydroponic- and soil-cultured rice.

Song, A; Xue, G; Cui, P; Fan, F; Liu, H; Yin, C; Sun, W; Liang, Y

Scientific reports 2016

Conferred resistance to Botrytis cinerea in Lilium by overexpression of the RCH10 chitinase gene.

Núñez de Cáceres González, FF; Davey, MR; Cancho Sanchez, E; Wilson, ZA

Plant cell reports 2015 7

Co-expression of RCH10 and AGLU1 confers rice resistance to fungal sheath blight Rhizoctonia solani and blast Magnorpathe oryzae and reveals impact on seed germination.

Mao, B; Liu, X; Hu, D; Li, D

World journal of microbiology & biotechnology 2014 4

Enhancing disease resistances of Super Hybrid Rice with four antifungal genes.

Zhu, H; Xu, X; Xiao, G; Yuan, L; Li, B

Science in China. Series C, Life sciences 2007 1

Distribution, structure, organ-specific expression, and phylogenic analysis of the pathogenesis-related protein-3 chitinase gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Nakazaki, T; Tsukiyama, T; Okumoto, Y; Kageyama, D; Naito, K; Inouye, K; Tanisaka, T

Genome 2006 6

Co-expression of a modified maize ribosome-inactivating protein and a rice basic chitinase gene in transgenic rice plants confers enhanced resistance to sheath blight.

Kim, JK; Jang, IC; Wu, R; Zuo, WN; Boston, RS; Lee, YH; Ahn, IP; Nahm, BH

Transgenic research 2003 4

Evidence for a disease-resistance pathway in rice similar to the NPR1-mediated signaling pathway in Arabidopsis.

Chern, MS; Fitzgerald, HA; Yadav, RC; Canlas, PE; Dong, X; Ronald, PC

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2001 2

A new class II rice chitinase, Rcht2, whose induction by fungal elicitor is abolished by protein phosphatase 1 and 2A inhibitor.

Kim, CY; Gal, SW; Choe, MS; Jeong, SY; Lee, SI; Cheong, YH; Lee, SH; Choi, YJ; Han, CD; Kang, KY; Cho, MJ

Plant molecular biology 1998 3

Isolation and characterization of a rice gene encoding a basic chitinase.

Zhu, Q; Lamb, CJ

Molecular & general genetics : MGG 1991 1-2