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A Positive Feedback Loop Governed by SUB1A1 Interaction with MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASE3 Imparts Submergence Tolerance in Rice.

Singh, P; Sinha, AK

The Plant cell 2016 5

OsWRKY53, a versatile switch in regulating herbivore-induced defense responses in rice.

Hu, L; Ye, M; Li, R; Lou, Y

Plant signaling & behavior 2016 4

Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MPK) Interacts With Auxin Influx Carrier (OsAux/LAX1) Involved in Auxin Signaling in Plant.

Mohanta, TK; Mohanta, N; Parida, P; Bae, H

Biological procedures online 2015

The Rice Transcription Factor WRKY53 Suppresses Herbivore-Induced Defenses by Acting as a Negative Feedback Modulator of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activity.

Hu, L; Ye, M; Li, R; Zhang, T; Zhou, G; Wang, Q; Lu, J; Lou, Y

Plant physiology 2015 4

Unraveling the intricate nexus of molecular mechanisms governing rice root development: OsMPK3/6 and auxin-cytokinin interplay.

Singh, P; Mohanta, TK; Sinha, AK

PloS one 2015 4

MicroRNA biogenesis factor DRB1 is a phosphorylation target of mitogen activated protein kinase MPK3 in both rice and Arabidopsis.

Raghuram, B; Sheikh, AH; Rustagi, Y; Sinha, AK

The FEBS journal 2015 3

A redox-sensitive cysteine residue regulates the kinase activities of OsMPK3 and OsMPK6 in vitro.

Xie, G; Sasaki, K; Imai, R; Xie, D

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2014

Identification of interacting proteins for calcium-dependent protein kinase 8 by a novel screening system based on bimolecular fluorescence complementation.

Kamimura, M; Han, Y; Kito, N; Che, FS

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2014 3

Direct phosphorylation and activation of a mitogen-activated protein kinase by a calcium-dependent protein kinase in rice.

Xie, K; Chen, J; Wang, Q; Yang, Y

The Plant cell 2014 7

The Receptor-Like Kinase SIT1 Mediates Salt Sensitivity by Activating MAPK3/6 and Regulating Ethylene Homeostasis in Rice.

Li, CH; Wang, G; Zhao, JL; Zhang, LQ; Ai, LF; Han, YF; Sun, DY; Zhang, SW; Sun, Y

The Plant cell 2014 6

Overexpression of phosphomimic mutated OsWRKY53 leads to enhanced blast resistance in rice.

Chujo, T; Miyamoto, K; Ogawa, S; Masuda, Y; Shimizu, T; Kishi-Kaboshi, M; Takahashi, A; Nishizawa, Y; Minami, E; Nojiri, H; Yamane, H; Okada, K

PloS one 2014 6

OsMPK3 is a TEY-type rice MAPK in Group C and phosphorylates OsbHLH65, a transcription factor binding to the E-box element.

Shin, HY; You, MK; Jeung, JU; Shin, JS

Plant cell reports 2014 8

Interaction between two rice mitogen activated protein kinases and its possible role in plant defense.

Sheikh, AH; Raghuram, B; Jalmi, SK; Wankhede, DP; Singh, P; Sinha, AK

BMC plant biology 2013

Salt-responsive ERF1 regulates reactive oxygen species-dependent signaling during the initial response to salt stress in rice.

Schmidt, R; Mieulet, D; Hubberten, HM; Obata, T; Hoefgen, R; Fernie, AR; Fisahn, J; San Segundo, B; Guiderdoni, E; Schippers, JH; Mueller-Roeber, B

The Plant cell 2013 6

Plant growth-promoting bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens NBRISN13 modulates gene expression profile of leaf and rhizosphere community in rice during salt stress.

Nautiyal, CS; Srivastava, S; Chauhan, PS; Seem, K; Mishra, A; Sopory, SK

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2013

OsMPK3 positively regulates the JA signaling pathway and plant resistance to a chewing herbivore in rice.

Wang, Q; Li, J; Hu, L; Zhang, T; Zhang, G; Lou, Y

Plant cell reports 2013 7

Recent advances in dissecting stress-regulatory crosstalk in rice.

Sharma, R; De Vleesschauwer, D; Sharma, MK; Ronald, PC

Molecular plant 2013 2

OsWRKY30 is activated by MAP kinases to confer drought tolerance in rice.

Shen, H; Liu, C; Zhang, Y; Meng, X; Zhou, X; Chu, C; Wang, X

Plant molecular biology 2012 3

The C2H2-type zinc finger protein ZFP182 is involved in abscisic acid-induced antioxidant defense in rice.

Zhang, H; Ni, L; Liu, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, A; Tan, M; Jiang, M

Journal of integrative plant biology 2012 7

Biochemical identification of the OsMKK6-OsMPK3 signalling pathway for chilling stress tolerance in rice.

Xie, G; Kato, H; Imai, R

The Biochemical journal 2012 1