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Genome-Wide Characterization of the MADS-Box Gene Family in Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) and Assessment of Its Roles in Flowering and Floral Organogenesis.

Li, C; Wang, Y; Xu, L; Nie, S; Chen, Y; Liang, D; Sun, X; Karanja, BK; Luo, X; Liu, L

Frontiers in plant science 2016

The ABCs of flower development: mutational analysis of AP1/FUL-like genes in rice provides evidence for a homeotic (A)-function in grasses.

Wu, F; Shi, X; Lin, X; Liu, Y; Chong, K; Theißen, G; Meng, Z

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2016

Flowering Time-Regulated Genes in Maize Include the Transcription Factor ZmMADS1.

Alter, P; Bircheneder, S; Zhou, LZ; Schlüter, U; Gahrtz, M; Sonnewald, U; Dresselhaus, T

Plant physiology 2016 1

Genome-Wide Targets Regulated by the OsMADS1 Transcription Factor Reveals Its DNA Recognition Properties.

Khanday, I; Das, S; Chongloi, GL; Bansal, M; Grossniklaus, U; Vijayraghavan, U

Plant physiology 2016 1

A High Temperature-Dependent Mitochondrial Lipase EXTRA GLUME1 Promotes Floral Phenotypic Robustness against Temperature Fluctuation in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Zhang, B; Wu, S; Zhang, Y; Xu, T; Guo, F; Tang, H; Li, X; Wang, P; Qian, W; Xue, Y

PLoS genetics 2016 7

Hd18, Encoding Histone Acetylase Related to Arabidopsis FLOWERING LOCUS D, is Involved in the Control of Flowering Time in Rice.

Shibaya, T; Hori, K; Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Yamanouchi, U; Shu, K; Kitazawa, N; Shomura, A; Ando, T; Ebana, K; Wu, J; Yamazaki, T; Yano, M

Plant & cell physiology 2016 9

Flower development: the evolutionary history and functions of the AGL6 subfamily MADS-box genes.

Dreni, L; Zhang, D

Journal of experimental botany 2016 6

Heat stress yields a unique MADS box transcription factor in determining seed size and thermal sensitivity.

Chen, C; Begcy, K; Liu, K; Folsom, JJ; Wang, Z; Zhang, C; Walia, H

Plant physiology 2016 1

A Signaling Cascade from miR444 to RDR1 in Rice Antiviral RNA Silencing Pathway.

Wang, H; Jiao, X; Kong, X; Hamera, S; Wu, Y; Chen, X; Fang, R; Yan, Y

Plant physiology 2016 4

Regulatory role of FZP in the determination of panicle branching and spikelet formation in rice.

Bai, X; Huang, Y; Mao, D; Wen, M; Zhang, L; Xing, Y

Scientific reports 2016

Transcriptional profiling of the leaves of near-isogenic rice lines with contrasting drought tolerance at the reproductive stage in response to water deficit.

Moumeni, A; Satoh, K; Venuprasad, R; Serraj, R; Kumar, A; Leung, H; Kikuchi, S

BMC genomics 2015

Non-canonical structure, function and phylogeny of the Bsister MADS-box gene OsMADS30 of rice (Oryza sativa).

Schilling, S; Gramzow, L; Lobbes, D; Kirbis, A; Weilandt, L; Hoffmeier, A; Junker, A; Weigelt-Fischer, K; Klukas, C; Wu, F; Meng, Z; Altmann, T; Theißen, G

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 6

OsMADS26 Negatively Regulates Resistance to Pathogens and Drought Tolerance in Rice.

Khong, GN; Pati, PK; Richaud, F; Parizot, B; Bidzinski, P; Mai, CD; Bès, M; Bourrié, I; Meynard, D; Beeckman, T; Selvaraj, MG; Manabu, I; Genga, AM; Brugidou, C; Nang Do, V; Guiderdoni, E; Morel, JB; Gantet, P

Plant physiology 2015 4

Development and regulation of pedicel abscission in tomato.

Ito, Y; Nakano, T

Frontiers in plant science 2015

Interactions of OsMADS1 with Floral Homeotic Genes in Rice Flower Development.

Hu, Y; Liang, W; Yin, C; Yang, X; Ping, B; Li, A; Jia, R; Chen, M; Luo, Z; Cai, Q; Zhao, X; Zhang, D; Yuan, Z

Molecular plant 2015 9

A Gene Expression Profiling of Early Rice Stamen Development that Reveals Inhibition of Photosynthetic Genes by OsMADS58.

Chen, R; Shen, LP; Wang, DH; Wang, FG; Zeng, HY; Chen, ZS; Peng, YB; Lin, YN; Tang, X; Deng, MH; Yao, N; Luo, JC; Xu, ZH; Bai, SN

Molecular plant 2015 7

Curved chimeric palea 1 encoding an EMF1-like protein maintains epigenetic repression of OsMADS58 in rice palea development.

Yan, D; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Ye, S; Zeng, L; Liu, J; Li, Q; He, Z

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 1

Genome-wide identification and analysis of the MADS-box gene family in apple.

Tian, Y; Dong, Q; Ji, Z; Chi, F; Cong, P; Zhou, Z

Gene 2015 2

Down-regulation of a LBD-like gene, OsIG1, leads to occurrence of unusual double ovules and developmental abnormalities of various floral organs and megagametophyte in rice.

Zhang, J; Tang, W; Huang, Y; Niu, X; Zhao, Y; Han, Y; Liu, Y

Journal of experimental botany 2015 1

The polycomb group gene EMF2B is essential for maintenance of floral meristem determinacy in rice.

Conrad, LJ; Khanday, I; Johnson, C; Guiderdoni, E; An, G; Vijayraghavan, U; Sundaresan, V

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2014 5