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Flowering Time-Regulated Genes in Maize Include the Transcription Factor ZmMADS1.

Alter, P; Bircheneder, S; Zhou, LZ; Schlüter, U; Gahrtz, M; Sonnewald, U; Dresselhaus, T

Plant physiology 2016 1

Hd18, Encoding Histone Acetylase Related to Arabidopsis FLOWERING LOCUS D, is Involved in the Control of Flowering Time in Rice.

Shibaya, T; Hori, K; Ogiso-Tanaka, E; Yamanouchi, U; Shu, K; Kitazawa, N; Shomura, A; Ando, T; Ebana, K; Wu, J; Yamazaki, T; Yano, M

Plant & cell physiology 2016 9

Functional conservation of rice OsNF-YB/YC and Arabidopsis AtNF-YB/YC proteins in the regulation of flowering time.

Hwang, YH; Kim, SK; Lee, KC; Chung, YS; Lee, JH; Kim, JK

Plant cell reports 2016 4

Brassinosteroid (BR) biosynthetic gene lhdd10 controls late heading and plant height in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Liu, X; Feng, ZM; Zhou, CL; Ren, YK; Mou, CL; Wu, T; Yang, CY; Liu, SJ; Jiang, L; Wan, JM

Plant cell reports 2016 2

MORF-RELATED GENE702, a Reader Protein of Trimethylated Histone H3 Lysine 4 and Histone H3 Lysine 36, Is Involved in Brassinosteroid-Regulated Growth and Flowering Time Control in Rice.

Jin, J; Shi, J; Liu, B; Liu, Y; Huang, Y; Yu, Y; Dong, A

Plant physiology 2015 4

Improvement of enzymatic saccharification yield in Arabidopsis thaliana by ectopic expression of the rice SUB1A-1 transcription factor.

Núñez-López, L; Aguirre-Cruz, A; Barrera-Figueroa, BE; Peña-Castro, JM

PeerJ 2015

Trithorax group protein Oryza sativa Trithorax1 controls flowering time in rice via interaction with early heading date3.

Choi, SC; Lee, S; Kim, SR; Lee, YS; Liu, C; Cao, X; An, G

Plant physiology 2014 3

The histone methyltransferase SDG724 mediates H3K36me2/3 deposition at MADS50 and RFT1 and promotes flowering in rice.

Sun, C; Fang, J; Zhao, T; Xu, B; Zhang, F; Liu, L; Tang, J; Zhang, G; Deng, X; Chen, F; Qian, Q; Cao, X; Chu, C

The Plant cell 2012 8

Functional conservation and diversification between rice OsMADS22/OsMADS55 and Arabidopsis SVP proteins.

Lee, JH; Park, SH; Ahn, JH

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2012

OsCOL4 is a constitutive flowering repressor upstream of Ehd1 and downstream of OsphyB.

Lee, YS; Jeong, DH; Lee, DY; Yi, J; Ryu, CH; Kim, SL; Jeong, HJ; Choi, SC; Jin, P; Yang, J; Cho, LH; Choi, H; An, G

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2010 1

Dissection of a QTL reveals an adaptive, interacting gene complex associated with transgressive variation for flowering time in rice.

Maas, LF; McClung, A; McCouch, S

TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik 2010 5

A gene network for long-day flowering activates RFT1 encoding a mobile flowering signal in rice.

Komiya, R; Yokoi, S; Shimamoto, K

Development (Cambridge, England) 2009 20

A possible working mechanism for rice SVP-group MADS-box proteins as negative regulators of brassinosteroid responses.

Lee, S; Jeong, DH; An, G

Plant signaling & behavior 2008 7

The making of a bushy grass with a branched flowering stem: Key rice plant architecture traits regulated by RFL the rice LFY homolog.

Rao, NN; Prasad, K; Vijayraghavan, U

Plant signaling & behavior 2008 11

OsMADS50 and OsMADS56 function antagonistically in regulating long day (LD)-dependent flowering in rice.

Ryu, CH; Lee, S; Cho, LH; Kim, SL; Lee, YS; Choi, SC; Jeong, HJ; Yi, J; Park, SJ; Han, CD; An, G

Plant, cell & environment 2009 10

Rice Indeterminate 1 (OsId1) is necessary for the expression of Ehd1 (Early heading date 1) regardless of photoperiod.

Park, SJ; Kim, SL; Lee, S; Je, BI; Piao, HL; Park, SH; Kim, CM; Ryu, CH; Park, SH; Xuan, YH; Colasanti, J; An, G; Han, CD

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2008 6

Functional conservation and divergence of FVE genes that control flowering time and cold response in rice and Arabidopsis.

Baek, IS; Park, HY; You, MK; Lee, JH; Kim, JK

Molecules and cells 2008 4

OsCO3, a CONSTANS-LIKE gene, controls flowering by negatively regulating the expression of FT-like genes under SD conditions in rice.

Kim, SK; Yun, CH; Lee, JH; Jang, YH; Park, HY; Kim, JK

Planta 2008 2

Distinct regulatory role for RFL, the rice LFY homolog, in determining flowering time and plant architecture.

Rao, NN; Prasad, K; Kumar, PR; Vijayraghavan, U

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2008 9

Reciprocal control of flowering time by OsSOC1 in transgenic Arabidopsis and by FLC in transgenic rice.

Tadege, M; Sheldon, CC; Helliwell, CA; Upadhyaya, NM; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ

Plant biotechnology journal 2003 5