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Cooperation between the H3K27me3 Chromatin Mark and Non-CG Methylation in Epigenetic Regulation.

Zhou, S; Liu, X; Zhou, C; Zhou, Q; Zhao, Y; Li, G; Zhou, DX

Plant physiology 2016 2

Variation of DNA methylation patterns associated with gene expression in rice (Oryza sativa) exposed to cadmium.

Feng, SJ; Liu, XS; Tao, H; Tan, SK; Chu, SS; Oono, Y; Zhang, XD; Chen, J; Yang, ZM

Plant, cell & environment 2016

Analysis of Chromatin Regulators Reveals Specific Features of Rice DNA Methylation Pathways.

Tan, F; Zhou, C; Zhou, Q; Zhou, S; Yang, W; Zhao, Y; Li, G; Zhou, DX

Plant physiology 2016 3

Profiling the expression domains of a rice-specific microRNA under stress.

Sharma, N; Tripathi, A; Sanan-Mishra, N

Frontiers in plant science 2015

Expression of the rice microRNA miR820 is associated with epigenetic modifications at its own locus.

Nosaka, M; Ono, A; Ishiwata, A; Shimizu-Sato, S; Ishimoto, K; Noda, Y; Sato, Y

Genes & genetic systems 2013 2

De novo methyltransferase, OsDRM2, interacts with the ATP-dependent RNA helicase, OseIF4A, in rice.

Dangwal, M; Malik, G; Kapoor, S; Kapoor, M

Journal of molecular biology 2013 16

Functional characterization of a rice de novo DNA methyltransferase, OsDRM2, expressed in Escherichia coli and yeast.

Pang, J; Dong, M; Li, N; Zhao, Y; Liu, B

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2013 1

Role of transposon-derived small RNAs in the interplay between genomes and parasitic DNA in rice.

Nosaka, M; Itoh, J; Nagato, Y; Ono, A; Ishiwata, A; Sato, Y

PLoS genetics 2012 9

Targeted disruption of an orthologue of DOMAINS REARRANGED METHYLASE 2, OsDRM2, impairs the growth of rice plants by abnormal DNA methylation.

Moritoh, S; Eun, CH; Ono, A; Asao, H; Okano, Y; Yamaguchi, K; Shimatani, Z; Koizumi, A; Terada, R

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2012 1