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Iron plaque decreases cadmium accumulation in Oryza sativa L. and serves as a source of iron.

Sebastian, A; Prasad, MN

Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany) 2016 6

Analysis of high iron rice lines reveals new miRNAs that target iron transporters in roots.

Paul, S; Gayen, D; Datta, SK; Datta, K

Journal of experimental botany 2016 19

Iron deficiency responses in rice roots.

Kobayashi, T; Nakanishi Itai, R; Nishizawa, NK

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2014 1

Brassinosteroids are involved in Fe homeostasis in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Wang, B; Li, G; Zhang, WH

Journal of experimental botany 2015 9

Expression patterns of QTL based and other candidate genes in Madhukar × Swarna RILs with contrasting levels of iron and zinc in unpolished rice grains.

Agarwal, S; Tripura Venkata, VG; Kotla, A; Mangrauthia, SK; Neelamraju, S

Gene 2014 2

Iron biofortification of rice using different transgenic approaches.

Masuda, H; Aung, MS; Nishizawa, NK

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2013 1

Rice genes involved in phytosiderophore biosynthesis are synchronously regulated during the early stages of iron deficiency in roots.

Itai, RN; Ogo, Y; Kobayashi, T; Nakanishi, H; Nishizawa, NK

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2013 1

A receptor-like protein RMC is involved in regulation of iron acquisition in rice.

Yang, A; Li, Y; Xu, Y; Xu, Y; Zhang, WH

Journal of experimental botany 2013 16

OsYSL16 plays a role in the allocation of iron.

Kakei, Y; Ishimaru, Y; Kobayashi, T; Yamakawa, T; Nakanishi, H; Nishizawa, NK

Plant molecular biology 2012 6

Ethylene is involved in the regulation of iron homeostasis by regulating the expression of iron-acquisition-related genes in Oryza sativa.

Wu, J; Wang, C; Zheng, L; Wang, L; Chen, Y; Whelan, J; Shou, H

Journal of experimental botany 2011 2

The rice transcription factor IDEF1 is essential for the early response to iron deficiency, and induces vegetative expression of late embryogenesis abundant genes.

Kobayashi, T; Itai, RN; Ogo, Y; Kakei, Y; Nakanishi, H; Takahashi, M; Nishizawa, NK

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2009 6

Disruption of OsYSL15 leads to iron inefficiency in rice plants.

Lee, S; Chiecko, JC; Kim, SA; Walker, EL; Lee, Y; Guerinot, ML; An, G

Plant physiology 2009 2

Rice OsYSL15 is an iron-regulated iron(III)-deoxymugineic acid transporter expressed in the roots and is essential for iron uptake in early growth of the seedlings.

Inoue, H; Kobayashi, T; Nozoye, T; Takahashi, M; Kakei, Y; Suzuki, K; Nakazono, M; Nakanishi, H; Mori, S; Nishizawa, NK

The Journal of biological chemistry 2009 6