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Plant Growth Promotion and Suppression of Bacterial Leaf Blight in Rice by Inoculated Bacteria.

Yasmin, S; Zaka, A; Imran, A; Zahid, MA; Yousaf, S; Rasul, G; Arif, M; Mirza, MS

PloS one 2016 8

Defense Responses in Rice Induced by Silicon Amendment against Infestation by the Leaf Folder Cnaphalocrocis medinalis.

Han, Y; Li, P; Gong, S; Yang, L; Wen, L; Hou, M

PloS one 2016 4

Thiamine-induced priming against root-knot nematode infection in rice involves lignification and hydrogen peroxide generation.

Huang, WK; Ji, HL; Gheysen, G; Kyndt, T

Molecular plant pathology 2016 4

The role of silicon in enhancing resistance to bacterial blight of hydroponic- and soil-cultured rice.

Song, A; Xue, G; Cui, P; Fan, F; Liu, H; Yin, C; Sun, W; Liang, Y

Scientific reports 2016

Integrative analysis and expression profiling of secondary cell wall genes in C4 biofuel model Setaria italica reveals targets for lignocellulose bioengineering.

Muthamilarasan, M; Khan, Y; Jaishankar, J; Shweta, S; Lata, C; Prasad, M

Frontiers in plant science 2015

Finding the Subcellular Location of Barley, Wheat, Rice and Maize Proteins: The Compendium of Crop Proteins with Annotated Locations (cropPAL).

Hooper, CM; Castleden, IR; Aryamanesh, N; Jacoby, RP; Millar, AH

Plant & cell physiology 2016 1

Suppression of Hydroxycinnamate Network Formation in Cell Walls of Rice Shoots Grown under Microgravity Conditions in Space.

Wakabayashi, K; Soga, K; Hoson, T; Kotake, T; Yamazaki, T; Higashibata, A; Ishioka, N; Shimazu, T; Fukui, K; Osada, I; Kasahara, H; Kamada, M

PloS one 2015 9

Over-Expression of Rice CBS Domain Containing Protein, OsCBSX3, Confers Rice Resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae Inoculation.

Mou, S; Shi, L; Lin, W; Liu, Y; Shen, L; Guan, D; He, S

International journal of molecular sciences 2015 7

A comparative study of stress-related gene expression under single stress and intercross stress in rice.

Zhang, YP; E, ZG; Jiang, H; Wang, L; Zhou, J; Zhu, DF

Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2015 2

Rice phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene OsPAL4 is associated with broad spectrum disease resistance.

Tonnessen, BW; Manosalva, P; Lang, JM; Baraoidan, M; Bordeos, A; Mauleon, R; Oard, J; Hulbert, S; Leung, H; Leach, JE

Plant molecular biology 2015 3

Scorpion peptide LqhIT2 activates phenylpropanoid pathways via jasmonate to increase rice resistance to rice leafrollers.

Tianpei, X; Li, D; Qiu, P; Luo, J; Zhu, Y; Li, S

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2015

A novel protein elicitor (SsCut) from Sclerotinia sclerotiorum induces multiple defense responses in plants.

Zhang, H; Wu, Q; Cao, S; Zhao, T; Chen, L; Zhuang, P; Zhou, X; Gao, Z

Plant molecular biology 2014 4-5

Multiple phytohormones and phytoalexins are involved in disease resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae invaded from roots in rice.

Duan, L; Liu, H; Li, X; Xiao, J; Wang, S

Physiologia plantarum 2014 3

Screening anti-southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus drugs based on S7-1 gene expression in rice suspension cells.

Yu, D; Wang, Z; Liu, J; Lv, M; Liu, J; Li, X; Chen, Z; Jin, L; Hu, D; Yang, S; Song, B

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2013 34

Design and application of an in vivo reporter assay for phenylalanine ammonia-lyase.

Wang, S; Zhang, S; Zhou, T; Zeng, J; Zhan, J

Applied microbiology and biotechnology 2013 17

Joint Association of Dietary Pattern and Physical Activity Level with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Chinese Men: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Wang, D; He, Y; Li, Y; Luan, D; Zhai, F; Yang, X; Ma, G

PloS one 2013 6

Conservation, Divergence, and Genome-Wide Distribution of PAL and POX A Gene Families in Plants.

Rawal, HC; Singh, NK; Sharma, TR

International journal of genomics 2013

Functional analysis and expressional characterization of rice ankyrin repeat-containing protein, OsPIANK1, in basal defense against Magnaporthe oryzae attack.

Mou, S; Liu, Z; Guan, D; Qiu, A; Lai, Y; He, S

PloS one 2013 3

Transgenic rice seed synthesizing diverse flavonoids at high levels: a new platform for flavonoid production with associated health benefits.

Ogo, Y; Ozawa, K; Ishimaru, T; Murayama, T; Takaiwa, F

Plant biotechnology journal 2013 6

Anti-fungi activities of Bacillus thuringiensis H3 chitinase and immobilized chitinase particles and their effects to rice seedling defensive enzymes.

Tang, Y; Zou, J; Zhang, L; Li, Z; Ma, C; Ma, N

Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 2012 10