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Characterization and evolutionary analysis of ent-kaurene synthase like genes from the wild rice species Oryza rufipogon.

Toyomasu, T; Miyamoto, K; Shenton, MR; Sakai, A; Sugawara, C; Horie, K; Kawaide, H; Hasegawa, M; Chuba, M; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H; Kurata, N; Okada, K

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2016

Diterpenoid phytoalexin factor, a bHLH transcription factor, plays a central role in the biosynthesis of diterpenoid phytoalexins in rice.

Yamamura, C; Mizutani, E; Okada, K; Nakagawa, H; Fukushima, S; Tanaka, A; Maeda, S; Kamakura, T; Yamane, H; Takatsuji, H; Mori, M

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2015 6

Transcripts of two ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase genes differentially localize in rice plants according to their distinct biological roles.

Toyomasu, T; Usui, M; Sugawara, C; Kanno, Y; Sakai, A; Takahashi, H; Nakazono, M; Kuroda, M; Miyamoto, K; Morimoto, Y; Mitsuhashi, W; Okada, K; Yamaguchi, S; Yamane, H

Journal of experimental botany 2015 1

Reverse-genetic approach to verify physiological roles of rice phytoalexins: characterization of a knockdown mutant of OsCPS4 phytoalexin biosynthetic gene in rice.

Toyomasu, T; Usui, M; Sugawara, C; Otomo, K; Hirose, Y; Miyao, A; Hirochika, H; Okada, K; Shimizu, T; Koga, J; Hasegawa, M; Chuba, M; Kawana, Y; Kuroda, M; Minami, E; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H

Physiologia plantarum 2014 1

Comparison of the structural characterization and biological activity of acidic polysaccharides from Cordyceps militaris cultured with different media.

Wu, F; Yan, H; Ma, X; Jia, J; Zhang, G; Guo, X; Gui, Z

World journal of microbiology & biotechnology 2012 5

Cloning and characterization of cDNAs encoding ent-copalyl diphosphate synthases in wheat: insight into the evolution of rice phytoalexin biosynthetic genes.

Toyomasu, T; Kagahara, T; Hirose, Y; Usui, M; Abe, S; Okada, K; Koga, J; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2009 3

Comparison of the enzymatic properties of ent-copalyl diphosphate synthases in the biosynthesis of phytoalexins and gibberellins in rice.

Hayashi, Y; Toyomasu, T; Hirose, Y; Onodera, Y; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H; Sassa, T; Dairi, T

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2008 2

Effects of a bile acid elicitor, cholic acid, on the biosynthesis of diterpenoid phytoalexins in suspension-cultured rice cells.

Shimizu, T; Jikumaru, Y; Okada, A; Okada, K; Koga, J; Umemura, K; Minami, E; Shibuya, N; Hasegawa, M; Kodama, O; Nojiri, H; Yamane, H

Phytochemistry 2008 4

gid1, a gibberellin-insensitive dwarf mutant, shows altered regulation of probenazole-inducible protein (PBZ1) in response to cold stress and pathogen attack.

Tanaka, N; Matsuoka, M; Kitano, H; Asano, T; Kaku, H; Komatsu, S

Plant, cell & environment 2006 4

Characterization of a rice gene family encoding type-A diterpene cyclases.

Kanno, Y; Otomo, K; Kenmoku, H; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H; Oikawa, H; Toshima, H; Matsuoka, M; Sassa, T; Toyomasu, T

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2006 7

Rice contains two disparate ent-copalyl diphosphate synthases with distinct metabolic functions.

Prisic, S; Xu, M; Wilderman, PR; Peters, RJ

Plant physiology 2004 4

Biological functions of ent- and syn-copalyl diphosphate synthases in rice: key enzymes for the branch point of gibberellin and phytoalexin biosynthesis.

Otomo, K; Kenmoku, H; Oikawa, H; K├Ânig, WA; Toshima, H; Mitsuhashi, W; Yamane, H; Sassa, T; Toyomasu, T

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2004 6

An overview of gibberellin metabolism enzyme genes and their related mutants in rice.

Sakamoto, T; Miura, K; Itoh, H; Tatsumi, T; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Ishiyama, K; Kobayashi, M; Agrawal, GK; Takeda, S; Abe, K; Miyao, A; Hirochika, H; Kitano, H; Ashikari, M; Matsuoka, M

Plant physiology 2004 4

Breastfeeding in Thailand: data from the 1981 Contraceptive Prevalence Survey.

Knodel, J; Kamnuansilpa, P; Chamratrithirong, A

Studies in family planning 1982 11