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Cooked rice inhibits hepatic fat accumulation by regulating lipid metabolism-related gene expression in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Choi, WH; Um, MY; Ahn, J; Jung, CH; Ha, TY

Journal of medicinal food 2014 1

Differential analysis of protein expression in RNA-binding-protein transgenic and parental rice seeds cultivated under salt stress.

Nakamura, R; Nakamura, R; Adachi, R; Hachisuka, A; Yamada, A; Ozeki, Y; Teshima, R

Journal of proteome research 2014 2

Chitin-induced activation of immune signaling by the rice receptor CEBiP relies on a unique sandwich-type dimerization.

Hayafune, M; Berisio, R; Marchetti, R; Silipo, A; Kayama, M; Desaki, Y; Arima, S; Squeglia, F; Ruggiero, A; Tokuyasu, K; Molinaro, A; Kaku, H; Shibuya, N

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014 3

Estrogen receptor modulatory effects of germinated brown rice bioactives in the uterus of rats through the regulation of estrogen-induced genes.

Muhammad, SI; Maznah, I; Mahmud, RB; Saeed, MI; Imam, MU; Ishaka, A

Drug design, development and therapy 2013

Expression of Arabidopsis glycine-rich RNA-binding protein AtGRP2 or AtGRP7 improves grain yield of rice (Oryza sativa) under drought stress conditions.

Yang, DH; Kwak, KJ; Kim, MK; Park, SJ; Yang, KY; Kang, H

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2014

Characterization of a type D1A EUL-related lectin from rice expressed in Pichia pastoris.

Al Atalah, B; Vanderschaeghe, D; Bloch, Y; Proost, P; Plas, K; Callewaert, N; Savvides, SN; Van Damme, EJ

Biological chemistry 2014 4

CEBiP is the major chitin oligomer-binding protein in rice and plays a main role in the perception of chitin oligomers.

Kouzai, Y; Nakajima, K; Hayafune, M; Ozawa, K; Kaku, H; Shibuya, N; Minami, E; Nishizawa, Y

Plant molecular biology 2014 4-5

Genome-wide binding analysis of the transcription activator ideal plant architecture1 reveals a complex network regulating rice plant architecture.

Lu, Z; Yu, H; Xiong, G; Wang, J; Jiao, Y; Liu, G; Jing, Y; Meng, X; Hu, X; Qian, Q; Fu, X; Wang, Y; Li, J

The Plant cell 2013 10

Analysis of rice ER-resident J-proteins reveals diversity and functional differentiation of the ER-resident Hsp70 system in plants.

Ohta, M; Wakasa, Y; Takahashi, H; Hayashi, S; Kudo, K; Takaiwa, F

Journal of experimental botany 2013 18

Inhibition of human MCF-7 breast cancer cells and HT-29 colon cancer cells by rice-produced recombinant human insulin-like growth binding protein-3 (rhIGFBP-3).

Cheung, SC; Long, X; Liu, L; Liu, Q; Lan, L; Tong, PC; Sun, SS

PloS one 2013 10

A comparative proteomic analysis of Pinellia ternata leaves exposed to heat stress.

Zhu, Y; Zhu, G; Guo, Q; Zhu, Z; Wang, C; Liu, Z

International journal of molecular sciences 2013 10

Effect of phosphorus levels on the protein profiles of secreted protein and root surface protein of rice.

Shinano, T; Yoshimura, T; Watanabe, T; Unno, Y; Osaki, M; Nanjo, Y; Komatsu, S

Journal of proteome research 2013 11

Comparative functional analysis of six drought-responsive promoters in transgenic rice.

Nakashima, K; Jan, A; Todaka, D; Maruyama, K; Goto, S; Shinozaki, K; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K

Planta 2014 1

Genetic and cytological analysis of a novel type of low temperature-dependent intrasubspecific hybrid weakness in rice.

Fu, CY; Wang, F; Sun, BR; Liu, WG; Li, JH; Deng, RF; Liu, DL; Liu, ZR; Zhu, MS; Liao, YL; Chen, JW

PloS one 2013 8

Germinated brown rice extract inhibits adipogenesis through the down-regulation of adipogenic genes in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.

Ho, JN; Son, ME; Lim, WC; Lim, ST; Cho, HY

Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands) 2013 3

RNA-binding proteins associated with desiccation during seed development in rice.

Sano, N; Masaki, S; Tanabata, T; Yamada, T; Hirasawa, T; Kashiwagi, M; Kanekatsu, M

Biotechnology letters 2013 11

Cooked rice prevents hyperlipidemia in hamsters fed a high-fat/cholesterol diet by the regulation of the expression of hepatic genes involved in lipid metabolism.

Choi, WH; Gwon, SY; Ahn, J; Jung, CH; Ha, TY

Nutrition research (New York, N.Y.) 2013 7

The Stay-Green Rice like (SGRL) gene regulates chlorophyll degradation in rice.

Rong, H; Tang, Y; Zhang, H; Wu, P; Chen, Y; Li, M; Wu, G; Jiang, H

Journal of plant physiology 2013 15

Rice protein exerts a hypocholesterolemic effect through regulating cholesterol metabolism-related gene expression and enzyme activity in adult rats fed a cholesterol-enriched diet.

Yang, L; Han, G; Liu, QH; Wu, Q; He, HJ; Cheng, CZ; Duan, YJ

International journal of food sciences and nutrition 2013 7

Molecular characterization and functions of fatty acid and retinoid binding protein gene (Ab-far-1) in Aphelenchoides besseyi.

Cheng, X; Xiang, Y; Xie, H; Xu, CL; Xie, TF; Zhang, C; Li, Y

PloS one 2013 6