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OsCERK1 and OsRLCK176 play important roles in peptidoglycan and chitin signaling in rice innate immunity.

Ao, Y; Li, Z; Feng, D; Xiong, F; Liu, J; Li, JF; Wang, M; Wang, J; Liu, B; Wang, HB

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2014 6

Increased risk of insulin resistance in rat offsprings exposed prenatally to white rice.

Imam, MU; Ismail, M; Ooi, DJ; Sarega, N; Ishaka, A

Molecular nutrition & food research 2015 1

Triterpene alcohols and sterols from rice bran lower postprandial glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide release and prevent diet-induced obesity in mice.

Fukuoka, D; Okahara, F; Hashizume, K; Yanagawa, K; Osaki, N; Shimotoyodome, A

Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) 2014 11

An alternatively spliced heat shock transcription factor, OsHSFA2dI, functions in the heat stress-induced unfolded protein response in rice.

Cheng, Q; Zhou, Y; Liu, Z; Zhang, L; Song, G; Guo, Z; Wang, W; Qu, X; Zhu, Y; Yang, D

Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany) 2015 2

Comparative proteomic analyses reveal that the regulators of G-protein signaling proteins regulate amino acid metabolism of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae.

Zhang, H; Ma, H; Xie, X; Ji, J; Dong, Y; Du, Y; Tang, W; Zheng, X; Wang, P; Zhang, Z

Proteomics 2014 21-22

A trihelix DNA binding protein counterbalances hypoxia-responsive transcriptional activation in Arabidopsis.

Giuntoli, B; Lee, SC; Licausi, F; Kosmacz, M; Oosumi, T; van Dongen, JT; Bailey-Serres, J; Perata, P

PLoS biology 2014 9

Rice actin-binding protein RMD is a key link in the auxin-actin regulatory loop that controls cell growth.

Li, G; Liang, W; Zhang, X; Ren, H; Hu, J; Bennett, MJ; Zhang, D

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014 28

Characterization of a lily anther-specific gene encoding cytoskeleton-binding glycoproteins and overexpression of the gene causes severe inhibition of pollen tube growth.

Wang, BJ; Hsu, YF; Chen, YC; Wang, CS

Planta 2014 3

Putative sugarcane FT/TFL1 genes delay flowering time and alter reproductive architecture in Arabidopsis.

Coelho, CP; Minow, MA; Chalfun-Júnior, A; Colasanti, J

Frontiers in plant science 2014

Characterization of a plant (rice) translin and its comparative analysis with human translin.

Chittela, RK; Gupta, GD; Ballal, A

Planta 2014 2

Molecular characterization, expression profiling, and binding properties of odorant binding protein genes in the whitebacked planthopper, Sogatella furcifera.

He, M; He, P

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology 2014

Rice BiP3 regulates immunity mediated by the PRRs XA3 and XA21 but not immunity mediated by the NB-LRR protein, Pi5.

Park, CJ; Song, MY; Kim, CY; Jeon, JS; Ronald, PC

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2014 1

Overexpression of a Vesicle Trafficking Gene, OsRab7, enhances salt tolerance in rice.

Peng, X; Ding, X; Chang, T; Wang, Z; Liu, R; Zeng, X; Cai, Y; Zhu, Y

TheScientificWorldJournal 2014

Characterization of RNA binding protein RBP-P reveals a possible role in rice glutelin gene expression and RNA localization.

Doroshenk, KA; Tian, L; Crofts, AJ; Kumamaru, T; Okita, TW

Plant molecular biology 2014 4-5

N-glycosylation of effector proteins by an α-1,3-mannosyltransferase is required for the rice blast fungus to evade host innate immunity.

Chen, XL; Shi, T; Yang, J; Shi, W; Gao, X; Chen, D; Xu, X; Xu, JR; Talbot, NJ; Peng, YL

The Plant cell 2014 3

Reduction of gibberellin by low temperature disrupts pollen development in rice.

Sakata, T; Oda, S; Tsunaga, Y; Shomura, H; Kawagishi-Kobayashi, M; Aya, K; Saeki, K; Endo, T; Nagano, K; Kojima, M; Sakakibara, H; Watanabe, M; Matsuoka, M; Higashitani, A

Plant physiology 2014 4

Functional analysis of chimeric lysin motif domain receptors mediating Nod factor-induced defense signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana and chitin-induced nodulation signaling in Lotus japonicus.

Wang, W; Xie, ZP; Staehelin, C

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2014 1

RBS1, an RNA binding protein, interacts with SPIN1 and is involved in flowering time control in rice.

Cai, Y; Vega-Sánchez, ME; Park, CH; Bellizzi, M; Guo, Z; Wang, GL

PloS one 2014 1

Multiple RNA binding protein complexes interact with the rice prolamine RNA cis-localization zipcode sequences.

Yang, Y; Crofts, AJ; Crofts, N; Okita, TW

Plant physiology 2014 3

FLOURY ENDOSPERM6 encodes a CBM48 domain-containing protein involved in compound granule formation and starch synthesis in rice endosperm.

Peng, C; Wang, Y; Liu, F; Ren, Y; Zhou, K; Lv, J; Zheng, M; Zhao, S; Zhang, L; Wang, C; Jiang, L; Zhang, X; Guo, X; Bao, Y; Wan, J

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2014 6