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AmyI-1-18, a cationic α-helical antimicrobial octadecapeptide derived from α-amylase in rice, inhibits the translation and folding processes in a protein synthesis system.

Taniguchi, M; Ochiai, A; Fukuda, S; Sato, T; Saitoh, E; Kato, T; Tanaka, T

Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 2016 4

[Effects of long-term tillage and rice straw returning on soil nutrient pools and Cd concentration].

Tang, WG; Xiao, XP; Tang, HM; Zhang, HL; Chen, F; Chen, ZD; Xue, JF; Yang, GL

Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology 2015 1

Expression dynamics of metabolic and regulatory components across stages of panicle and seed development in indica rice.

Sharma, R; Agarwal, P; Ray, S; Deveshwar, P; Sharma, P; Sharma, N; Nijhawan, A; Jain, M; Singh, AK; Singh, VP; Khurana, JP; Tyagi, AK; Kapoor, S

Functional & integrative genomics 2012 2

RTS, a rice anther-specific gene is required for male fertility and its promoter sequence directs tissue-specific gene expression in different plant species.

Luo, H; Lee, JY; Hu, Q; Nelson-Vasilchik, K; Eitas, TK; Lickwar, C; Kausch, AP; Chandlee, JM; Hodges, TK

Plant molecular biology 2006 3