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Involvement of Fenton chemistry in rice straw degradation by the lignocellulolytic bacterium Pantoea ananatis Sd-1.

Ma, J; Zhang, K; Huang, M; Hector, SB; Liu, B; Tong, C; Liu, Q; Zeng, J; Gao, Y; Xu, T; Liu, Y; Liu, X; Zhu, Y

Biotechnology for biofuels 2016

Gibberellins producing Bacillus methylotrophicus KE2 supports plant growth and enhances nutritional metabolites and food values of lettuce.

Radhakrishnan, R; Lee, IJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

Precise estimation of genomic regions controlling lodging resistance using a set of reciprocal chromosome segment substitution lines in rice.

Ookawa, T; Aoba, R; Yamamoto, T; Ueda, T; Takai, T; Fukuoka, S; Ando, T; Adachi, S; Matsuoka, M; Ebitani, T; Kato, Y; Mulsanti, IW; Kishii, M; Reynolds, M; Piñera, F; Kotake, T; Kawasaki, S; Motobayashi, T; Hirasawa, T

Scientific reports 2016

Seed-borne endophytic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens RWL-1 produces gibberellins and regulates endogenous phytohormones of Oryza sativa.

Shahzad, R; Waqas, M; Khan, AL; Asaf, S; Khan, MA; Kang, SM; Yun, BW; Lee, IJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

Genomic and secretomic insight into lignocellulolytic system of an endophytic bacterium Pantoea ananatis Sd-1.

Ma, J; Zhang, K; Liao, H; Hector, SB; Shi, X; Li, J; Liu, B; Xu, T; Tong, C; Liu, X; Zhu, Y

Biotechnology for biofuels 2016

OsWOX3A is involved in negative feedback regulation of the gibberellic acid biosynthetic pathway in rice (Oryza sativa).

Cho, SH; Kang, K; Lee, SH; Lee, IJ; Paek, NC

Journal of experimental botany 2016 6

Drought susceptibility of modern rice varieties: an effect of linkage of drought tolerance with undesirable traits.

Vikram, P; Swamy, BP; Dixit, S; Singh, R; Singh, BP; Miro, B; Kohli, A; Henry, A; Singh, NK; Kumar, A

Scientific reports 2015

Map-Based Cloning of Seed Dormancy1-2 Identified a Gibberellin Synthesis Gene Regulating the Development of Endosperm-Imposed Dormancy in Rice.

Ye, H; Feng, J; Zhang, L; Zhang, J; Mispan, MS; Cao, Z; Beighley, DH; Yang, J; Gu, XY

Plant physiology 2015 3

Discovery and mapping of genomic regions governing economically important traits of Basmati rice.

Vemireddy, LR; Noor, S; Satyavathi, VV; Srividhya, A; Kaliappan, A; Parimala, S; Bharathi, PM; Deborah, DA; Rao, KV; Shobharani, N; Siddiq, EA; Nagaraju, J

BMC plant biology 2015

Marker-assisted breeding of Indonesia local rice variety Siputeh for semi-dwarf phonetype, good grain quality and disease resistance to bacterial blight.

Luo, Y; Zakaria, S; Basyah, B; Ma, T; Li, Z; Yang, J; Yin, Z

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2014 1

An acid-stable bacterial laccase identified from the endophyte Pantoea ananatis Sd-1 genome exhibiting lignin degradation and dye decolorization abilities.

Shi, X; Liu, Q; Ma, J; Liao, H; Xiong, X; Zhang, K; Wang, T; Liu, X; Xu, T; Yuan, S; Zhang, X; Zhu, Y

Biotechnology letters 2015 11

Mapping of a Cellulose-Deficient Mutant Named dwarf1-1 in Sorghum bicolor to the Green Revolution Gene gibberellin20-oxidase Reveals a Positive Regulatory Association between Gibberellin and Cellulose Biosynthesis.

Petti, C; Hirano, K; Stork, J; DeBolt, S

Plant physiology 2015 1

Regulation of OsmiR156h through Alternative Polyadenylation Improves Grain Yield in Rice.

Zhao, M; Liu, B; Wu, K; Ye, Y; Huang, S; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Han, R; Liu, Q; Fu, X; Wu, Y

PloS one 2015 5

Enterococcus faecium LKE12 Cell-Free Extract Accelerates Host Plant Growth via Gibberellin and Indole-3-Acetic Acid Secretion.

Lee, KE; Radhakrishnan, R; Kang, SM; You, YH; Joo, GJ; Lee, IJ; Ko, JH; Kim, JH

Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 2015 9

Control of grain protein contents through SEMIDWARF1 mutant alleles: sd1 increases the grain protein content in Dee-geo-woo-gen but not in Reimei.

Terao, T; Hirose, T

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2015 3

Genotyping of endosperms to determine seed dormancy genes regulating germination through embryonic, endospermic, or maternal tissues in rice.

Gu, XY; Zhang, J; Ye, H; Zhang, L; Feng, J

G3 (Bethesda, Md.) 2014 2

Whole genome association mapping of plant height in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

Zanke, CD; Ling, J; Plieske, J; Kollers, S; Ebmeyer, E; Korzun, V; Argillier, O; Stiewe, G; Hinze, M; Neumann, K; Ganal, MW; Röder, MS

PloS one 2014 11

Combining high-throughput phenotyping and genome-wide association studies to reveal natural genetic variation in rice.

Yang, W; Guo, Z; Huang, C; Duan, L; Chen, G; Jiang, N; Fang, W; Feng, H; Xie, W; Lian, X; Wang, G; Luo, Q; Zhang, Q; Liu, Q; Xiong, L

Nature communications 2014

Gibberellin secreting rhizobacterium, Pseudomonas putida H-2-3 modulates the hormonal and stress physiology of soybean to improve the plant growth under saline and drought conditions.

Kang, SM; Radhakrishnan, R; Khan, AL; Kim, MJ; Park, JM; Kim, BR; Shin, DH; Lee, IJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2014

Effects of a rice major gene Ur1 (Undulate rachis -1) on panicle and grain traits.

Murai, M; Hata, T; Kosumi, T; Seike, H

Hereditas 2014 4-5