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The Rice Floral Repressor Early flowering1 Affects Spikelet Fertility By Modulating Gibberellin Signaling.

Kwon, CT; Kim, SH; Kim, D; Paek, NC

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2015 1

An N-terminal region of a Myb-like protein is involved in its intracellular localization and activation of a gibberellin-inducible proteinase gene in germinated rice seeds.

Sutoh, K; Washio, K; Imai, R; Wada, M; Nakai, T; Yamauchi, D

Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 2015 5

Comprehensive gene expression analysis of rice aleurone cells: probing the existence of an alternative gibberellin receptor.

Yano, K; Aya, K; Hirano, K; Ordonio, RL; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Matsuoka, M

Plant physiology 2015 2

The bHLH142 Transcription Factor Coordinates with TDR1 to Modulate the Expression of EAT1 and Regulate Pollen Development in Rice.

Ko, SS; Li, MJ; Sun-Ben Ku, M; Ho, YC; Lin, YJ; Chuang, MH; Hsing, HX; Lien, YC; Yang, HT; Chang, HC; Chan, MT

The Plant cell 2014 6

A GAMYB homologue CsGAMYB1 regulates sex expression of cucumber via an ethylene-independent pathway.

Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, B; Wang, W; Liu, X; Chen, C; Liu, X; Yang, S; Ren, H

Journal of experimental botany 2014 12

GmGBP1, a homolog of human ski interacting protein in soybean, regulates flowering and stress tolerance in Arabidopsis.

Zhang, Y; Zhao, L; Li, H; Gao, Y; Li, Y; Wu, X; Teng, W; Han, Y; Zhao, X; Li, W

BMC plant biology 2013

TamiR159 directed wheat TaGAMYB cleavage and its involvement in anther development and heat response.

Wang, Y; Sun, F; Cao, H; Peng, H; Ni, Z; Sun, Q; Yao, Y

PloS one 2012 11

The Gibberellin perception system evolved to regulate a pre-existing GAMYB-mediated system during land plant evolution.

Aya, K; Hiwatashi, Y; Kojima, M; Sakakibara, H; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Hasebe, M; Matsuoka, M

Nature communications 2011

Gibberellin control of stamen development: a fertile field.

Plackett, AR; Thomas, SG; Wilson, ZA; Hedden, P

Trends in plant science 2011 10

A RING finger E3 ligase gene, Oryza sativa Delayed Seed Germination 1 (OsDSG1), controls seed germination and stress responses in rice.

Park, GG; Park, JJ; Yoon, J; Yu, SN; An, G

Plant molecular biology 2010 4-5

Identification of gamyb-4 and analysis of the regulatory role of GAMYB in rice anther development.

Liu, Z; Bao, W; Liang, W; Yin, J; Zhang, D

Journal of integrative plant biology 2010 7

The Post-meiotic Deficicent Anther1 (PDA1) gene is required for post-meiotic anther development in rice.

Hu, L; Tan, H; Liang, W; Zhang, D

Journal of genetics and genomics = Yi chuan xue bao 2010 1

Gibberellin modulates anther development in rice via the transcriptional regulation of GAMYB.

Aya, K; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Kondo, M; Hamada, K; Yano, K; Nishimura, M; Matsuoka, M

The Plant cell 2009 5

A GAMYB-like gene in tomato and its expression during seed germination.

Gong, X; Bewley, DJ

Planta 2008 4

[Preliminary screening of target genes of rice transcription factor OsBP-73].

Liu, SM; Wang, ZY; Cai, XL

Zhi wu sheng li yu fen zi sheng wu xue xue bao = Journal of plant physiology and molecular biology 2007 5

[Identification of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutant msp1-4 and expression analysis of its UDT1 and GAMYB genes].

Wang, Y; Wang, YF; Zhang, DB

Zhi wu sheng li yu fen zi sheng wu xue xue bao = Journal of plant physiology and molecular biology 2006 5

GAMYB controls different sets of genes and is differentially regulated by microRNA in aleurone cells and anthers.

Tsuji, H; Aya, K; Ueguchi-Tanaka, M; Shimada, Y; Nakazono, M; Watanabe, R; Nishizawa, NK; Gomi, K; Shimada, A; Kitano, H; Ashikari, M; Matsuoka, M

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2006 3

Interactions of two abscisic-acid induced WRKY genes in repressing gibberellin signaling in aleurone cells.

Xie, Z; Zhang, ZL; Zou, X; Yang, G; Komatsu, S; Shen, QJ

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2006 2

Hormonal regulation of gluconeogenesis in cereal aleurone is strongly cultivar-dependent and gibberellin action involves SLENDER1 but not GAMYB.

Eastmond, PJ; Jones, RL

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2005 3

A rice WRKY gene encodes a transcriptional repressor of the gibberellin signaling pathway in aleurone cells.

Zhang, ZL; Xie, Z; Zou, X; Casaretto, J; Ho, TH; Shen, QJ

Plant physiology 2004 4