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2-Hydroxymelatonin promotes the resistance of rice plant to multiple simultaneous abiotic stresses (combined cold and drought).

Lee, HJ; Back, K

Journal of pineal research 2016 3

The ethylene response factor OsERF109 negatively affects ethylene biosynthesis and drought tolerance in rice.

Yu, Y; Yang, D; Zhou, S; Gu, J; Wang, F; Dong, J; Huang, R

Protoplasma 2016

WUSCHEL-related homeobox gene WOX11 increases rice drought resistance by controlling root hair formation and root system development.

Cheng, S; Zhou, DX; Zhao, Y

Plant signaling & behavior 2016 2

The Interaction between Rice ERF3 and WOX11 Promotes Crown Root Development by Regulating Gene Expression Involved in Cytokinin Signaling.

Zhao, Y; Cheng, S; Song, Y; Huang, Y; Zhou, S; Liu, X; Zhou, DX

The Plant cell 2015 9

The bHLH142 Transcription Factor Coordinates with TDR1 to Modulate the Expression of EAT1 and Regulate Pollen Development in Rice.

Ko, SS; Li, MJ; Sun-Ben Ku, M; Ho, YC; Lin, YJ; Chuang, MH; Hsing, HX; Lien, YC; Yang, HT; Chang, HC; Chan, MT

The Plant cell 2014 6

EAR motif mutation of rice OsERF3 alters the regulation of ethylene biosynthesis and drought tolerance.

Zhang, H; Zhang, J; Quan, R; Pan, X; Wan, L; Huang, R

Planta 2013 6

Transcriptional activation of OsDERF1 in OsERF3 and OsAP2-39 negatively modulates ethylene synthesis and drought tolerance in rice.

Wan, L; Zhang, J; Zhang, H; Zhang, Z; Quan, R; Zhou, S; Huang, R

PloS one 2011 9

Isolation and identification of an AP2/ERF factor that binds an allelic cis-element of rice gene LRK6.

Wang, Q; Qi, W; Wang, Y; Sun, F; Qian, X; Luo, X; Yang, J

Genetics research 2011 5

An EAR-motif-containing ERF transcription factor affects herbivore-induced signaling, defense and resistance in rice.

Lu, J; Ju, H; Zhou, G; Zhu, C; Erb, M; Wang, X; Wang, P; Lou, Y

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2011 4

Rice transcription factor AP37 involved in grain yield increase under drought stress.

Kim, YS; Kim, JK

Plant signaling & behavior 2009 8

Overexpression of the transcription factor AP37 in rice improves grain yield under drought conditions.

Oh, SJ; Kim, YS; Kwon, CW; Park, HK; Jeong, JS; Kim, JK

Plant physiology 2009 3

Identification and characterization of a novel water-deficit-suppressed gene OsARD encoding an aci-reductone-dioxygenase-like protein in rice.

Lin, T; He, X; Yang, L; Shou, H; Wu, P

Gene 2005 1