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Overexpression of rice NAC gene SNAC1 improves drought and salt tolerance by enhancing root development and reducing transpiration rate in transgenic cotton.

Liu, G; Li, X; Jin, S; Liu, X; Zhu, L; Nie, Y; Zhang, X

PloS one 2014 1

Expression and functional analysis of putative vacuolar Ca2+-transporters (CAXs and ACAs) in roots of salt tolerant and sensitive rice cultivars.

Yamada, N; Theerawitaya, C; Cha-um, S; Kirdmanee, C; Takabe, T

Protoplasma 2014 5

Overexpression of the receptor-like protein kinase genes AtRPK1 and OsRPK1 reduces the salt tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Shi, CC; Feng, CC; Yang, MM; Li, JL; Li, XX; Zhao, BC; Huang, ZJ; Ge, RC

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2014

The contribution of SERF1 to root-to-shoot signaling during salinity stress in rice.

Schmidt, R; Caldana, C; Mueller-Roeber, B; Schippers, JH

Plant signaling & behavior 2014 1

OsDREB2A, a rice transcription factor, significantly affects salt tolerance in transgenic soybean.

Zhang, XX; Tang, YJ; Ma, QB; Yang, CY; Mu, YH; Suo, HC; Luo, LH; Nian, H

PloS one 2013 12

Genome-wide expressional and functional analysis of calcium transport elements during abiotic stress and development in rice.

Singh, A; Kanwar, P; Yadav, AK; Mishra, M; Jha, SK; Baranwal, V; Pandey, A; Kapoor, S; Tyagi, AK; Pandey, GK

The FEBS journal 2014 3

An S-domain receptor-like kinase, OsSIK2, confers abiotic stress tolerance and delays dark-induced leaf senescence in rice.

Chen, LJ; Wuriyanghan, H; Zhang, YQ; Duan, KX; Chen, HW; Li, QT; Lu, X; He, SJ; Ma, B; Zhang, WK; Lin, Q; Chen, SY; Zhang, JS

Plant physiology 2013 4

SALT-RESPONSIVE ERF1 is a negative regulator of grain filling and gibberellin-mediated seedling establishment in rice.

Schmidt, R; Schippers, JH; Mieulet, D; Watanabe, M; Hoefgen, R; Guiderdoni, E; Mueller-Roeber, B

Molecular plant 2014 2

RICE SALT SENSITIVE3 binding to bHLH and JAZ factors mediates control of cell wall plasticity in the root apex.

Toda, Y; Yoshida, M; Hattori, T; Takeda, S

Plant signaling & behavior 2013 11

Heat shock factor OsHsfB2b negatively regulates drought and salt tolerance in rice.

Xiang, J; Ran, J; Zou, J; Zhou, X; Liu, A; Zhang, X; Peng, Y; Tang, N; Luo, G; Chen, X

Plant cell reports 2013 11

OsbZIP71, a bZIP transcription factor, confers salinity and drought tolerance in rice.

Liu, C; Mao, B; Ou, S; Wang, W; Liu, L; Wu, Y; Chu, C; Wang, X

Plant molecular biology 2014 1-2

Salt-responsive ERF1 regulates reactive oxygen species-dependent signaling during the initial response to salt stress in rice.

Schmidt, R; Mieulet, D; Hubberten, HM; Obata, T; Hoefgen, R; Fernie, AR; Fisahn, J; San Segundo, B; Guiderdoni, E; Schippers, JH; Mueller-Roeber, B

The Plant cell 2013 6

A computational systems biology study for understanding salt tolerance mechanism in rice.

Wang, J; Chen, L; Wang, Y; Zhang, J; Liang, Y; Xu, D

PloS one 2013 6

Advances in functional genomics for investigating salinity stress tolerance mechanisms in cereals.

Shelden, MC; Roessner, U

Frontiers in plant science 2013

RICE SALT SENSITIVE3 forms a ternary complex with JAZ and class-C bHLH factors and regulates jasmonate-induced gene expression and root cell elongation.

Toda, Y; Tanaka, M; Ogawa, D; Kurata, K; Kurotani, K; Habu, Y; Ando, T; Sugimoto, K; Mitsuda, N; Katoh, E; Abe, K; Miyao, A; Hirochika, H; Hattori, T; Takeda, S

The Plant cell 2013 5

Exogenous application of brassinosteroid offers tolerance to salinity by altering stress responses in rice variety Pusa Basmati-1.

Sharma, I; Ching, E; Saini, S; Bhardwaj, R; Pati, PK

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2013

OsRMC, a negative regulator of salt stress response in rice, is regulated by two AP2/ERF transcription factors.

Serra, TS; Figueiredo, DD; Cordeiro, AM; Almeida, DM; Louren├žo, T; Abreu, IA; Sebasti├ín, A; Fernandes, L; Contreras-Moreira, B; Oliveira, MM; Saibo, NJ

Plant molecular biology 2013 4-5

Mapping QTLs for traits related to salinity tolerance at seedling stage of rice (Oryza sativa L.): an agrigenomics study of an Iranian rice population.

Ghomi, K; Rabiei, B; Sabouri, H; Sabouri, A

Omics : a journal of integrative biology 2013 5

Characterization and mapping of a salt-sensitive mutant in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Zhou, J; Wang, F; Deng, P; Jing, W; Zhang, W

Journal of integrative plant biology 2013 6

K+ efflux and retention in response to NaCl stress do not predict salt tolerance in contrasting genotypes of rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Coskun, D; Britto, DT; Jean, YK; Kabir, I; Tolay, I; Torun, AA; Kronzucker, HJ

PloS one 2013 2