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De novo assembly and characterization of the transcriptome of seagrass Zostera marina using Illumina paired-end sequencing.

Kong, F; Li, H; Sun, P; Zhou, Y; Mao, Y

PloS one 2014 11

Plasma membrane receptor-like kinase leaf panicle 2 acts downstream of the DROUGHT AND SALT TOLERANCE transcription factor to regulate drought sensitivity in rice.

Wu, F; Sheng, P; Tan, J; Chen, X; Lu, G; Ma, W; Heng, Y; Lin, Q; Zhu, S; Wang, J; Wang, J; Guo, X; Zhang, X; Lei, C; Wan, J

Journal of experimental botany 2015 1

Expression analysis of innate immunity related genes in the true/field blast resistance gene-mediated defence response.

Wang, D; Qin, Y; Han, J; Zhang, L; Xu, X; Liu, X; Wang, C; Liu, X

Biotechnology, biotechnological equipment 2014 6

Screening of rice landraces for salinity tolerance at seedling stage through morphological and molecular markers.

Ali, MN; Yeasmin, L; Gantait, S; Goswami, R; Chakraborty, S

Physiology and molecular biology of plants : an international journal of functional plant biology 2014 4

Unique Genotypic Differences Discovered among Indigenous Bangladeshi Rice Landraces.

Yesmin, N; Elias, SM; Rahman, MS; Haque, T; Mahbub Hasan, AK; Seraj, ZI

International journal of genomics 2014

In silico analysis of high affinity potassium transporter (HKT) isoforms in different plants.

Zamani Babgohari, M; Ebrahimie, E; Niazi, A

Aquatic biosystems 2014

Comparative metabolite profiling of two rice genotypes with contrasting salt stress tolerance at the seedling stage.

Zhao, X; Wang, W; Zhang, F; Deng, J; Li, Z; Fu, B

PloS one 2014 9

Trehalose pretreatment induces salt tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings: oxidative damage and co-induction of antioxidant defense and glyoxalase systems.

Mostofa, MG; Hossain, MA; Fujita, M

Protoplasma 2015 2

Effect of NaCl on ionic content and distribution in suspension-cultured cells of the halophyte Sonneratia alba versus the glycophyte Oryza sativa.

Hayatsu, M; Suzuki, S; Hasegawa, A; Tsuchiya, S; Sasamoto, H

Journal of plant physiology 2014 15

Growth and physiological adaptation of whole plants and cultured cells from a halophyte turf grass under salt stress.

Tada, Y; Komatsubara, S; Kurusu, T


Characteristics and expression patterns of the aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) gene superfamily of foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.).

Chen, Z; Chen, M; Xu, ZS; Li, LC; Chen, XP; Ma, YZ

PloS one 2014 7

Function of wheat Ta-UnP gene in enhancing salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis and rice.

Liang, W; Cui, W; Ma, X; Wang, G; Huang, Z

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2014 1

Rice RCN1/OsABCG5 mutation alters accumulation of essential and nonessential minerals and causes a high Na/K ratio, resulting in a salt-sensitive phenotype.

Matsuda, S; Nagasawa, H; Yamashiro, N; Yasuno, N; Watanabe, T; Kitazawa, H; Takano, S; Tokuji, Y; Tani, M; Takamure, I; Kato, K

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2014

Changes in free polyamine levels, expression of polyamine biosynthesis genes, and performance of rice cultivars under salt stress: a comparison with responses to drought.

Do, PT; Drechsel, O; Heyer, AG; Hincha, DK; Zuther, E

Frontiers in plant science 2014

Maintenance of Chloroplast Structure and Function by Overexpression of the Rice MONOGALACTOSYLDIACYLGLYCEROL SYNTHASE Gene Leads to Enhanced Salt Tolerance in Tobacco.

Wang, S; Uddin, MI; Tanaka, K; Yin, L; Shi, Z; Qi, Y; Mano, J; Matsui, K; Shimomura, N; Sakaki, T; Deng, X; Zhang, S

Plant physiology 2014 3

Comparative proteomic analysis of early salt stress responsive proteins in roots and leaves of rice.

Liu, CW; Chang, TS; Hsu, YK; Wang, AZ; Yen, HC; Wu, YP; Wang, CS; Lai, CC

Proteomics 2014 15

A novel maize homeodomain-leucine zipper (HD-Zip) I gene, Zmhdz10, positively regulates drought and salt tolerance in both rice and Arabidopsis.

Zhao, Y; Ma, Q; Jin, X; Peng, X; Liu, J; Deng, L; Yan, H; Sheng, L; Jiang, H; Cheng, B

Plant & cell physiology 2014 6

Over-expression of PsGPD, a mushroom glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene, enhances salt tolerance in rice plants.

Cho, JI; Lim, HM; Siddiqui, ZS; Park, SH; Kim, AR; Kwon, TR; Lee, SK; Park, SC; Jeong, MJ; Lee, GS

Biotechnology letters 2014 8

Cloning a glutathione peroxidase gene from Nelumbo nucifera and enhanced salt tolerance by overexpressing in rice.

Diao, Y; Xu, H; Li, G; Yu, A; Yu, X; Hu, W; Zheng, X; Li, S; Wang, Y; Hu, Z

Molecular biology reports 2014 8

Overexpression of a Vesicle Trafficking Gene, OsRab7, enhances salt tolerance in rice.

Peng, X; Ding, X; Chang, T; Wang, Z; Liu, R; Zeng, X; Cai, Y; Zhu, Y

TheScientificWorldJournal 2014