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Integrating Image-Based Phenomics and Association Analysis to Dissect the Genetic Architecture of Temporal Salinity Responses in Rice.

Campbell, MT; Knecht, AC; Berger, B; Brien, CJ; Wang, D; Walia, H

Plant physiology 2015 4

Effects of NaCl concentration on anode microbes in microbial fuel cells.

Miyahara, M; Kouzuma, A; Watanabe, K

AMB Express 2015 1

The potassium transporter OsHAK21 functions in the maintenance of ion homeostasis and tolerance to salt stress in rice.

Shen, Y; Shen, L; Shen, Z; Jing, W; Ge, H; Zhao, J; Zhang, W

Plant, cell & environment 2015 12

Rice potassium transporter OsHAK1 is essential for maintaining potassium-mediated growth and functions in salt tolerance over low and high potassium concentration ranges.

Chen, G; Hu, Q; Luo, L; Yang, T; Zhang, S; Hu, Y; Yu, L; Xu, G

Plant, cell & environment 2015 12

MAOHUZI6/ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3-LIKE1 and ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3-LIKE2 Regulate Ethylene Response of Roots and Coleoptiles and Negatively Affect Salt Tolerance in Rice.

Yang, C; Ma, B; He, SJ; Xiong, Q; Duan, KX; Yin, CC; Chen, H; Lu, X; Chen, SY; Zhang, JS

Plant physiology 2015 1

Comprehensive analysis of transcriptome response to salinity stress in the halophytic turf grass Sporobolus virginicus.

Yamamoto, N; Takano, T; Tanaka, K; Ishige, T; Terashima, S; Endo, C; Kurusu, T; Yajima, S; Yano, K; Tada, Y

Frontiers in plant science 2015

Transcriptome-wide identification of salt-responsive members of the WRKY gene family in Gossypium aridum.

Fan, X; Guo, Q; Xu, P; Gong, Y; Shu, H; Yang, Y; Ni, W; Zhang, X; Shen, X

PloS one 2015 5

Manipulation of the rice L-galactose pathway: evaluation of the effects of transgene overexpression on ascorbate accumulation and abiotic stress tolerance.

Zhang, GY; Liu, RR; Zhang, CQ; Tang, KX; Sun, MF; Yan, GH; Liu, QQ

PloS one 2015 5

Arabidopsis EDT1/HDG11 improves drought and salt tolerance in cotton and poplar and increases cotton yield in the field.

Yu, LH; Wu, SJ; Peng, YS; Liu, RN; Chen, X; Zhao, P; Xu, P; Zhu, JB; Jiao, GL; Pei, Y; Xiang, CB

Plant biotechnology journal 2016 1

Cloning and characterization of peanut allene oxide cyclase gene involved in salt-stressed responses.

Liu, HH; Wang, YG; Wang, SP; Li, HJ

Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2015 1

Functional study of a salt-inducible TaSR gene in Triticum aestivum.

Ma, XL; Cui, WN; Zhao, Q; Zhao, J; Hou, XN; Li, DY; Chen, ZL; Shen, YZ; Huang, ZJ

Physiologia plantarum 2016 1

Expression of the moss PpLEA4-20 gene in rice enhances membrane protection and client proteins stability.

Li, L; Deng, D; Chen, X; Wu, B; Hu, K; Qiu, T; Cui, S; Huang, F

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2015 2

Expression of developmentally regulated plasma membrane polypeptide (DREPP2) in rice root tip and interaction with Ca(2+)/CaM complex and microtubule.

Yamada, N; Theerawitaya, C; Kageyama, H; Cha-Um, S; Takabe, T

Protoplasma 2015 6

Base to Tip and Long-Distance Transport of Sodium in the Root of Common Reed [Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud.] at Steady State Under Constant High-Salt Conditions.

Fujimaki, S; Maruyama, T; Suzui, N; Kawachi, N; Miwa, E; Higuchi, K

Plant & cell physiology 2015 5

Elevated levels of CYP94 family gene expression alleviate the jasmonate response and enhance salt tolerance in rice.

Kurotani, K; Hayashi, K; Hatanaka, S; Toda, Y; Ogawa, D; Ichikawa, H; Ishimaru, Y; Tashita, R; Suzuki, T; Ueda, M; Hattori, T; Takeda, S

Plant & cell physiology 2015 4

Genome-wide association mapping of salinity tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa).

Kumar, V; Singh, A; Mithra, SV; Krishnamurthy, SL; Parida, SK; Jain, S; Tiwari, KK; Kumar, P; Rao, AR; Sharma, SK; Khurana, JP; Singh, NK; Mohapatra, T

DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes 2015 2

Ectopic expression of myo-inositol 3-phosphate synthase induces a wide range of metabolic changes and confers salt tolerance in rice.

Kusuda, H; Koga, W; Kusano, M; Oikawa, A; Saito, K; Hirai, MY; Yoshida, KT

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2015

OsJAZ9 acts as a transcriptional regulator in jasmonate signaling and modulates salt stress tolerance in rice.

Wu, H; Ye, H; Yao, R; Zhang, T; Xiong, L

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2015

Na+ and Cl(-) ions show additive effects under NaCl stress on induction of oxidative stress and the responsive antioxidative defense in rice.

Khare, T; Kumar, V; Kishor, PB

Protoplasma 2015 4

Growth, physiological adaptation, and gene expression analysis of two Egyptian rice cultivars under salt stress.

Mekawy, AM; Assaha, DV; Yahagi, H; Tada, Y; Ueda, A; Saneoka, H

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2015