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Anti-angiogenic function of tocotrienol.

Miyazawa, T; Shibata, A; Nakagawa, K; Tsuzuki, T

Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition 2008

Prediction of product branching ratios in the C(3P)+C2H2-->l-C3H+H/c-C3H+H/C3+H2 reaction using ab initio coupled clusters calculations extrapolated to the complete basis set combined with Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus and radiationless transition theories.

Mebel, AM; Kislov, VV; Hayashi, M

The Journal of chemical physics 2007 20

A novel nuclear-localized CCCH-type zinc finger protein, OsDOS, is involved in delaying leaf senescence in rice.

Kong, Z; Li, M; Yang, W; Xu, W; Xue, Y

Plant physiology 2006 4