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GL2-type homeobox gene Roc4 in rice promotes flowering time preferentially under long days by repressing Ghd7.

Wei, J; Choi, H; Jin, P; Wu, Y; Yoon, J; Lee, YS; Quan, T; An, G

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2016

Mutation of OsGIGANTEA Leads to Enhanced Tolerance to Polyethylene Glycol-Generated Osmotic Stress in Rice.

Li, S; Yue, W; Wang, M; Qiu, W; Zhou, L; Shou, H

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Hd3a, RFT1 and Ehd1 integrate photoperiodic and drought stress signals to delay the floral transition in rice.

Galbiati, F; Chiozzotto, R; Locatelli, F; Spada, A; Genga, A; Fornara, F

Plant, cell & environment 2016 9

OsPhyA modulates rice flowering time mainly through OsGI under short days and Ghd7 under long days in the absence of phytochrome B.

Lee, YS; Yi, J; An, G

Plant molecular biology 2016 4-5

Rice FLAVIN-BINDING, KELCH REPEAT, F-BOX 1 (OsFKF1) promotes flowering independent of photoperiod.

Han, SH; Yoo, SC; Lee, BD; An, G; Paek, NC

Plant, cell & environment 2015 12

Punctual transcriptional regulation by the rice circadian clock under fluctuating field conditions.

Matsuzaki, J; Kawahara, Y; Izawa, T

The Plant cell 2015 3

Genome-wide identification and analysis of Catharanthus roseus RLK1-like kinases in rice.

Nguyen, QN; Lee, YS; Cho, LH; Jeong, HJ; An, G; Jung, KH

Planta 2015 3

CONSTANS is a photoperiod regulated activator of flowering in sorghum.

Yang, S; Weers, BD; Morishige, DT; Mullet, JE

BMC plant biology 2014

Trithorax group protein Oryza sativa Trithorax1 controls flowering time in rice via interaction with early heading date3.

Choi, SC; Lee, S; Kim, SR; Lee, YS; Liu, C; Cao, X; An, G

Plant physiology 2014 3

Variation of the OsGI intron and its phenotypic associations in Oryza rufipogon Griff. and Oryza sativa L.

Dong, Y; Chen, Z; Pei, X; Wang, F; Yuan, Q; Wu, H; Jia, S; Peng, Y

Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2013 3

OsELF3 is involved in circadian clock regulation for promoting flowering under long-day conditions in rice.

Yang, Y; Peng, Q; Chen, GX; Li, XH; Wu, CY

Molecular plant 2013 1

Physiological significance of the plant circadian clock in natural field conditions.

Izawa, T

Plant, cell & environment 2012 10

A study of phytohormone biosynthetic gene expression using a circadian clock-related mutant in rice.

Itoh, H; Izawa, T

Plant signaling & behavior 2011 12

Comparative transcriptomes profiling of photoperiod-sensitive male sterile rice Nongken 58S during the male sterility transition between short-day and long-day.

Wang, W; Liu, Z; Guo, Z; Song, G; Cheng, Q; Jiang, D; Zhu, Y; Yang, D

BMC genomics 2011

Altered levels of histone deacetylase OsHDT1 affect differential gene expression patterns in hybrid rice.

Li, C; Huang, L; Xu, C; Zhao, Y; Zhou, DX

PloS one 2011 7

Os-GIGANTEA confers robust diurnal rhythms on the global transcriptome of rice in the field.

Izawa, T; Mihara, M; Suzuki, Y; Gupta, M; Itoh, H; Nagano, AJ; Motoyama, R; Sawada, Y; Yano, M; Hirai, MY; Makino, A; Nagamura, Y

The Plant cell 2011 5

An atypical HLH protein OsLF in rice regulates flowering time and interacts with OsPIL13 and OsPIL15.

Zhao, XL; Shi, ZY; Peng, LT; Shen, GZ; Zhang, JL

New biotechnology 2011 6

Comparison of gene order of GIGANTEA loci in yellow-poplar, monocots, and eudicots.

Liang, H; Barakat, A; Schlarbaum, SE; Mandoli, DF; Carlson, JE

Genome 2010 7

A pair of floral regulators sets critical day length for Hd3a florigen expression in rice.

Itoh, H; Nonoue, Y; Yano, M; Izawa, T

Nature genetics 2010 7

OsMADS50 and OsMADS56 function antagonistically in regulating long day (LD)-dependent flowering in rice.

Ryu, CH; Lee, S; Cho, LH; Kim, SL; Lee, YS; Choi, SC; Jeong, HJ; Yi, J; Park, SJ; Han, CD; An, G

Plant, cell & environment 2009 10