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Transgenic rice expressing a cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) plasma membrane gene MePMP3-2 exhibits enhanced tolerance to salt and drought stresses.

Yu, Y; Cui, YC; Ren, C; Rocha, PS; Peng, M; Xu, GY; Wang, ML; Xia, XJ

Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2016 1

The Arabidopsis transcriptional regulator DPB3-1 enhances heat stress tolerance without growth retardation in rice.

Sato, H; Todaka, D; Kudo, M; Mizoi, J; Kidokoro, S; Zhao, Y; Shinozaki, K; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K

Plant biotechnology journal 2016 8

Rice ONAC106 Inhibits Leaf Senescence and Increases Salt Tolerance and Tiller Angle.

Sakuraba, Y; Piao, W; Lim, JH; Han, SH; Kim, YS; An, G; Paek, NC

Plant & cell physiology 2015 12

Overexpression of Rat Neurons Nitric Oxide Synthase in Rice Enhances Drought and Salt Tolerance.

Cai, W; Liu, W; Wang, WS; Fu, ZW; Han, TT; Lu, YT

PloS one 2015 6

A maize phytochrome-interacting factor 3 improves drought and salt stress tolerance in rice.

Gao, Y; Jiang, W; Dai, Y; Xiao, N; Zhang, C; Li, H; Lu, Y; Wu, M; Tao, X; Deng, D; Chen, J

Plant molecular biology 2015 4-5

Overexpression of a NF-YC transcription factor from bermudagrass confers tolerance to drought and salinity in transgenic rice.

Chen, M; Zhao, Y; Zhuo, C; Lu, S; Guo, Z

Plant biotechnology journal 2015 4

Global transcriptional profiling of a cold-tolerant rice variety under moderate cold stress reveals different cold stress response mechanisms.

Zhao, J; Zhang, S; Yang, T; Zeng, Z; Huang, Z; Liu, Q; Wang, X; Leach, J; Leung, H; Liu, B

Physiologia plantarum 2015 3

LcWRKY5: an unknown function gene from sheepgrass improves drought tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis.

Ma, T; Li, M; Zhao, A; Xu, X; Liu, G; Cheng, L

Plant cell reports 2014 9

MicroRNA319 positively regulates cold tolerance by targeting OsPCF6 and OsTCP21 in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Wang, ST; Sun, XL; Hoshino, Y; Yu, Y; Jia, B; Sun, ZW; Sun, MZ; Duan, XB; Zhu, YM

PloS one 2014 3

OsDREB2A, a rice transcription factor, significantly affects salt tolerance in transgenic soybean.

Zhang, XX; Tang, YJ; Ma, QB; Yang, CY; Mu, YH; Suo, HC; Luo, LH; Nian, H

PloS one 2013 12

Salt-responsive ERF1 regulates reactive oxygen species-dependent signaling during the initial response to salt stress in rice.

Schmidt, R; Mieulet, D; Hubberten, HM; Obata, T; Hoefgen, R; Fernie, AR; Fisahn, J; San Segundo, B; Guiderdoni, E; Schippers, JH; Mueller-Roeber, B

The Plant cell 2013 6

LcSAIN1, a novel salt-induced gene from sheepgrass, confers salt stress tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis and rice.

Li, X; Hou, S; Gao, Q; Zhao, P; Chen, S; Qi, D; Lee, BH; Cheng, L; Liu, G

Plant & cell physiology 2013 7

A R2R3-type MYB gene, OsMYB2, is involved in salt, cold, and dehydration tolerance in rice.

Yang, A; Dai, X; Zhang, WH

Journal of experimental botany 2012 7

Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed rice actin depolymerizing factor gene family and heterologous overexpression of OsADF3 confers Arabidopsis Thaliana drought tolerance.

Huang, YC; Huang, WL; Hong, CY; Lur, HS; Chang, MC

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2012 1

Induced over-expression of the transcription factor OsDREB2A improves drought tolerance in rice.

Cui, M; Zhang, W; Zhang, Q; Xu, Z; Zhu, Z; Duan, F; Wu, R

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2011 12

Cloning and characterization of a maize SnRK2 protein kinase gene confers enhanced salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis.

Ying, S; Zhang, DF; Li, HY; Liu, YH; Shi, YS; Song, YC; Wang, TY; Li, Y

Plant cell reports 2011 9

Expression of OsDREB2A transcription factor confers enhanced dehydration and salt stress tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Mallikarjuna, G; Mallikarjuna, K; Reddy, MK; Kaul, T

Biotechnology letters 2011 8

Functional analysis of a novel Cys2/His2-type zinc finger protein involved in salt tolerance in rice.

Sun, SJ; Guo, SQ; Yang, X; Bao, YM; Tang, HJ; Sun, H; Huang, J; Zhang, HS

Journal of experimental botany 2010 10

Comprehensive analysis of rice DREB2-type genes that encode transcription factors involved in the expression of abiotic stress-responsive genes.

Matsukura, S; Mizoi, J; Yoshida, T; Todaka, D; Ito, Y; Maruyama, K; Shinozaki, K; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2010 2

OsDREB genes in rice, Oryza sativa L., encode transcription activators that function in drought-, high-salt- and cold-responsive gene expression.

Dubouzet, JG; Sakuma, Y; Ito, Y; Kasuga, M; Dubouzet, EG; Miura, S; Seki, M; Shinozaki, K; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2003 4