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Phosphorus remobilization from rice flag leaves during grain filling: an RNA-seq study.

Jeong, K; Baten, A; Waters, DL; Pantoja, O; Julia, CC; Wissuwa, M; Heuer, S; Kretzschmar, T; Rose, TJ

Plant biotechnology journal 2016

Auxin response factor (OsARF12), a novel regulator for phosphate homeostasis in rice (Oryza sativa).

Wang, S; Zhang, S; Sun, C; Xu, Y; Chen, Y; Yu, C; Qian, Q; Jiang, DA; Qi, Y

The New phytologist 2014 1

Involvement of OsSPX1 in phosphate homeostasis in rice.

Wang, C; Ying, S; Huang, H; Li, K; Wu, P; Shou, H

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 2009 5