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Functional characterization of a pheromone-binding protein from rice leaffolder Cnaphalocrocis medinalis in detecting pheromones and host plant volatiles.

Sun, X; Zhao, ZF; Zeng, FF; Zhang, A; Lu, ZX; Wang, MQ

Bulletin of entomological research 2016

Correction: A Genetic Screen Identifies a Requirement for Cysteine-Rich-Receptor-Like Kinases in Rice NH1 (OsNPR1)-Mediated Immunity.

Chern, M; Xu, Q; Bart, RS; Bai, W; Ruan, D; Sze-To, WH; Canlas, PE; Jain, R; Chen, X; Ronald, PC

PLoS genetics 2016 7

Overexpression of the OsERF71 Transcription Factor Alters Rice Root Structure and Drought Resistance.

Lee, DK; Jung, H; Jang, G; Jeong, JS; Kim, YS; Ha, SH; Do Choi, Y; Kim, JK

Plant physiology 2016 1

Mutation of Rice Early Flowering3.1 (OsELF3.1) delays leaf senescence in rice.

Sakuraba, Y; Han, SH; Yang, HJ; Piao, W; Paek, NC

Plant molecular biology 2016 1-2

Quantitative trait loci identification and meta-analysis for rice panicle-related traits.

Wu, Y; Huang, M; Tao, X; Guo, T; Chen, Z; Xiao, W

Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2016 5

Silenced rice in both cytosolic ascorbate peroxidases displays pre-acclimation to cope with oxidative stress induced by 3-aminotriazole-inhibited catalase.

Bonifacio, A; Carvalho, FE; Martins, MO; Lima Neto, MC; Cunha, JR; Ribeiro, CW; Margis-Pinheiro, M; Silveira, JA

Journal of plant physiology 2016

Triacontanol Reduces Transplanting Shock in Machine-Transplanted Rice by Improving the Growth and Antioxidant Systems.

Li, X; Zhong, Q; Li, Y; Li, G; Ding, Y; Wang, S; Liu, Z; Tang, S; Ding, C; Chen, L

Frontiers in plant science 2016

The Systemic Acquired Resistance Regulator OsNPR1 Attenuates Growth by Repressing Auxin Signaling through Promoting IAA-Amido Synthase Expression.

Li, X; Yang, DL; Sun, L; Li, Q; Mao, B; He, Z

Plant physiology 2016 1

Identification of novel odorant binding protein genes and functional characterization of OBP8 in Chilo suppressalis (Walker).

Yang, K; Liu, Y; Niu, DJ; Wei, D; Li, F; Wang, GR; Dong, SL

Gene 2016 2

Nucleotide diversity, natural variation, and evolution of Flexible culm-1 and Strong culm-2 lodging resistance genes in rice.

Rashid, MA; Zhao, Y; Zhang, H; Li, J; Li, Z

Genome 2016 7

Generation of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate from acetate in higher plants: Detection of acetoacetyl CoA reductase- and PHB synthase- activities in rice.

Tsuda, H; Shiraki, M; Inoue, E; Saito, T

Journal of plant physiology 2016

Plant acyl-CoA-binding proteins: An emerging family involved in plant development and stress responses.

Du, ZY; Arias, T; Meng, W; Chye, ML

Progress in lipid research 2016

A High Temperature-Dependent Mitochondrial Lipase EXTRA GLUME1 Promotes Floral Phenotypic Robustness against Temperature Fluctuation in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Zhang, B; Wu, S; Zhang, Y; Xu, T; Guo, F; Tang, H; Li, X; Wang, P; Qian, W; Xue, Y

PLoS genetics 2016 7

Two-dimensional blue native/SDS-PAGE analysis of whole cell lysate protein complexes of rice in response to salt stress.

Hashemi, A; Gharechahi, J; Nematzadeh, G; Shekari, F; Hosseini, SA; Salekdeh, GH

Journal of plant physiology 2016

The Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel Family in Colletotrichum graminicola: A Molecular and Physiological Analysis.

Lange, M; Weihmann, F; Schliebner, I; Horbach, R; Deising, HB; Wirsel, SG; Peiter, E

PloS one 2016 6

Microbiological characterization of traditional dough fermentation starter (Jiaozi) for steamed bread making by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods.

Li, Z; Li, H; Bian, K

International journal of food microbiology 2016

Effects of Long-Term Rice Bran Extract Supplementation on Survival, Cognition and Brain Mitochondrial Function in Aged NMRI Mice.

Hagl, S; Asseburg, H; Heinrich, M; Sus, N; Blumrich, EM; Dringen, R; Frank, J; Eckert, GP

Neuromolecular medicine 2016 3

The miR393a/target module regulates seed germination and seedling establishment under submergence in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Guo, F; Han, N; Xie, Y; Fang, K; Yang, Y; Zhu, M; Wang, J; Bian, H

Plant, cell & environment 2016 10

Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of expression in rice seedling roots in response to supplemental nitrogen.

Chandran, AK; Priatama, RA; Kumar, V; Xuan, Y; Je, BI; Kim, CM; Jung, KH; Han, CD

Journal of plant physiology 2016

Effects of a Combined Nutraceutical on Lipid Pattern, Glucose Metabolism and Inflammatory Parameters in Moderately Hypercholesterolemic Subjects: A Double-blind, Cross-over, Randomized Clinical Trial.

Cicero, AF; Colletti, A; Fogacci, F; Bove, M; Rosticci, M; Borghi, C

High blood pressure & cardiovascular prevention : the official journal of the Italian Society of Hypertension 2016