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Genomic identification, phylogeny, and expression analysis of MLO genes involved in susceptibility to powdery mildew in Fragaria vesca.

Miao, LX; Jiang, M; Zhang, YC; Yang, XF; Zhang, HQ; Zhang, ZF; Wang, YZ; Jiang, GH

Genetics and molecular research : GMR 2016 3

Overexpression of OsEm1 encoding a group I LEA protein confers enhanced drought tolerance in rice.

Yu, J; Lai, Y; Wu, X; Wu, G; Guo, C

Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2016 2

Rapid changes in root hydraulic conductivity and aquaporin expression in rice (Oryza sativa L.) in response to shoot removal - xylem tension as a possible signal.

Meng, D; Walsh, M; Fricke, W

Annals of botany 2016

Genetic analysis of rice mutants responsible for narrow leaf phenotype and reduced vein number.

Kubo, FC; Yasui, Y; Kumamaru, T; Sato, Y; Hirano, HY

Genes & genetic systems 2016

Insecticide resistance monitoring and correlation analysis of insecticides in field populations of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (stål) in China 2012-2014.

Zhang, X; Liao, X; Mao, K; Zhang, K; Wan, H; Li, J

Pesticide biochemistry and physiology 2016

A wide reprogramming of histone H3 modifications during male meiosis I in rice is dependent on the Argonaute protein MEL1.

Liu, H; Nonomura, KI

Journal of cell science 2016 19

Emerging insights into heterotrimeric G protein signaling in plants.

Xu, Q; Zhao, M; Wu, K; Fu, X; Liu, Q

Journal of genetics and genomics = Yi chuan xue bao 2016 8

Evaluation of the Role of the LysM Receptor-Like Kinase, OsNFR5/OsRLK2 for AM Symbiosis in Rice.

Miyata, K; Hayafune, M; Kobae, Y; Kaku, H; Nishizawa, Y; Masuda, Y; Shibuya, N; Nakagawa, T

Plant & cell physiology 2016

Expression of a Cystatin Transgene in Eggplant Provides Resistance to Root-knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita.

Papolu, PK; Dutta, TK; Tyagi, N; Urwin, PE; Lilley, CJ; Rao, U

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Development and characterization of chromosome segment substitution lines derived from Oryza rufipogon in the genetic background of O. sativa spp. indica cultivar 9311.

Qiao, W; Qi, L; Cheng, Z; Su, L; Li, J; Sun, Y; Ren, J; Zheng, X; Yang, Q

BMC genomics 2016

Domestication history and geographical adaptation inferred from a SNP map of African rice.

Meyer, RS; Choi, JY; Sanches, M; Plessis, A; Flowers, JM; Amas, J; Dorph, K; Barretto, A; Gross, B; Fuller, DQ; Bimpong, IK; Ndjiondjop, MN; Hazzouri, KM; Gregorio, GB; Purugganan, MD

Nature genetics 2016 9

Crosstalk of Signaling Mechanisms Involved in Host Defense and Symbiosis Against Microorganisms in Rice.

Akamatsu, A; Shimamoto, K; Kawano, Y

Current genomics 2016 4

A Gene Encoding Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Partially Restores Fertility in RT98-Type Cytoplasmic Male-Sterile Rice.

Igarashi, K; Kazama, T; Toriyama, K

Plant & cell physiology 2016

Comparative transcript profiling of alloplasmic male-sterile lines revealed altered gene expression related to pollen development in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Hu, J; Chen, G; Zhang, H; Qian, Q; Ding, Y

BMC plant biology 2016 1

Aroma volatile analyses and 2AP characterization at various developmental stages in Basmati and Non-Basmati scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars.

Hinge, VR; Patil, HB; Nadaf, AB

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2016 1

Haplotype distribution and association of candidate genes with salt tolerance in Indian wild rice germplasm.

Mishra, S; Singh, B; Misra, P; Rai, V; Singh, NK

Plant cell reports 2016 11

Multiprotein-bridging factor 1 regulates vegetative growth, osmotic stress, and virulence in Magnaporthe oryzae.

Fan, G; Zhang, K; Huang, H; Zhang, H; Zhao, A; Chen, L; Chen, R; Li, G; Wang, Z; Lu, GD

Current genetics 2016

Expression of a mitochondrial gene orfH79 from CMS-Honglian rice inhibits Escherichia coli growth via deficient oxygen consumption.

Ding, X; Chen, Q; Bao, C; Ai, A; Zhou, Y; Li, S; Xie, H; Zhu, Y; Cai, Y; Peng, X

SpringerPlus 2016 1

Improvement of physical properties of gluten-free steamed cake based on black waxy rice flour using different hydrocolloids.

Itthivadhanapong, P; Jantathai, S; Schleining, G

Journal of food science and technology 2016 6

Antimicrobial activity against Porphyromonas gingivalis and mechanism of action of the cationic octadecapeptide AmyI-1-18 and its amino acid-substituted analogs.

Taniguchi, M; Ochiai, A; Takahashi, K; Nakamichi, SI; Nomoto, T; Saitoh, E; Kato, T; Tanaka, T

Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 2016