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Jasmonate regulates juvenile-to-adult phase transition in rice.

Hibara, K; Isono, M; Mimura, M; Sentoku, N; Kojima, M; Sakakibara, H; Kitomi, Y; Yoshikawa, T; Itoh, J; Nagato, Y

Development (Cambridge, England) 2016 18

Young Seedling Stripe1 encodes a chloroplast nucleoid-associated protein required for chloroplast development in rice seedlings.

Zhou, K; Ren, Y; Zhou, F; Wang, Y; Zhang, L; Lyu, J; Wang, Y; Zhao, S; Ma, W; Zhang, H; Wang, L; Wang, C; Wu, F; Zhang, X; Guo, X; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Lei, C; Jiang, L; Li, Z; Wan, J

Planta 2016

MicroRNA393 is involved in nitrogen-promoted rice tillering through regulation of auxin signal transduction in axillary buds.

Li, X; Xia, K; Liang, Z; Chen, K; Gao, C; Zhang, M

Scientific reports 2016

Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma and its mimickers: a rare case report with literature review.

Win, TT; Kamaludin, Z; Husin, A

The Malaysian journal of pathology 2016 2

Parental Genome Imbalance Causes Post-Zygotic Seed Lethality and Deregulates Imprinting in Rice.

Zhang, HY; Luo, M; Johnson, SD; Zhu, XW; Liu, L; Huang, F; Liu, YT; Xu, PZ; Wu, XJ

Rice (New York, N.Y.) 2016 1

Oral immunisation of mice with transgenic rice calli expressing cholera toxin B subunit fused to consensus dengue cEDIII antigen induces antibodies to all four dengue serotypes.

Kim, MY; Kim, BY; Oh, SM; Reljic, R; Jang, YS; Yang, MS

Plant molecular biology 2016 3

The Dual Roles of the Golgi Transport 1 (GOT1B): RNA Localization to the Cortical Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Export of Proglutelin and α-Globulin from the Cortical ER to the Golgi.

Fukuda, M; Kawagoe, Y; Murakami, T; Washida, H; Sugino, A; Nagamine, A; Okita, TW; Ogawa, M; Kumamaru, T

Plant & cell physiology 2016

Effects of a treatment with Se-rich rice flour high in resistant starch on enteric dysbiosis and chronic inflammation in diabetic ICR mice.

Yuan, H; Wang, W; Chen, D; Zhu, X; Meng, L

Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2016

MoDnm1 Dynamin Mediating Peroxisomal and Mitochondrial Fission in Complex with MoFis1 and MoMdv1 Is Important for Development of Functional Appressorium in Magnaporthe oryzae.

Zhong, K; Li, X; Le, X; Kong, X; Zhang, H; Zheng, X; Wang, P; Zhang, Z

PLoS pathogens 2016 8

Development of Gene-Pyramid Lines of the Elite Restorer Line, RPHR-1005 Possessing Durable Bacterial Blight and Blast Resistance.

Abhilash Kumar, V; Balachiranjeevi, CH; Bhaskar Naik, S; Rambabu, R; Rekha, G; Harika, G; Hajira, SK; Pranathi, K; Anila, M; Kousik, M; Vijay Kumar, S; Yugander, A; Aruna, J; Dilip Kumar, T; Vijaya Sudhakara Rao, K; Hari Prasad, AS; Madhav, MS; Laha, GS; Balachandran, SM; Prasad, MS; Viraktamath, BC; Ravindra Babu, V; Sundaram, RM

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Two Novel AP2/EREBP Transcription Factor Genes TaPARG Have Pleiotropic Functions on Plant Architecture and Yield-Related Traits in Common Wheat.

Li, B; Li, Q; Mao, X; Li, A; Wang, J; Chang, X; Hao, C; Zhang, X; Jing, R

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Efficient Production of a Bioactive Bevacizumab Monoclonal Antibody Using the 2A Self-cleavage Peptide in Transgenic Rice Callus.

Chen, L; Yang, X; Luo, D; Yu, W

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Sex-dependent mitophagy and neuronal death following rat neonatal hypoxia-ischemia.

Demarest, TG; Waite, EL; Kristian, T; Puche, AC; Waddell, J; McKenna, MC; Fiskum, G

Neuroscience 2016

Overexpression of OsMYB1R1-VP64 fusion protein increases grain yield in rice by delaying flowering time.

Wang, J; Wu, F; Zhu, S; Xu, Y; Cheng, Z; Wang, J; Li, C; Sheng, P; Zhang, H; Cai, M; Guo, X; Zhang, X; Wang, C; Wan, J

FEBS letters 2016 19

Transcriptome analysis of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora Loisel), a monocot halophyte, reveals candidate genes involved in its adaptation to salinity.

Bedre, R; Mangu, VR; Srivastava, S; Sanchez, LE; Baisakh, N

BMC genomics 2016 1

Targeted promoter editing for rice resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae reveals differential activities for SWEET14-inducing TAL effectors.

Blanvillain-Baufumé, S; Reschke, M; Solé, M; Auguy, F; Doucoure, H; Szurek, B; Meynard, D; Portefaix, M; Cunnac, S; Guiderdoni, E; Boch, J; Koebnik, R

Plant biotechnology journal 2016

Cooperation between the H3K27me3 Chromatin Mark and Non-CG Methylation in Epigenetic Regulation.

Zhou, S; Liu, X; Zhou, C; Zhou, Q; Zhao, Y; Li, G; Zhou, DX

Plant physiology 2016 2

Analysis of Active Components and Proteomics of Chinese Wild Rice (Zizania latifolia (Griseb) Turcz) and Indica Rice (Nagina22).

Jiang, MX; Zhai, LJ; Yang, H; Zhai, SM; Zhai, CK

Journal of medicinal food 2016 8

Plant Growth Promotion and Suppression of Bacterial Leaf Blight in Rice by Inoculated Bacteria.

Yasmin, S; Zaka, A; Imran, A; Zahid, MA; Yousaf, S; Rasul, G; Arif, M; Mirza, MS

PloS one 2016 8

Performance Characterization of a Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial System with Co-Channel Interference over Generalized Fading Channels.

Javed, U; He, D; Liu, P

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 2016 8