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White stripe leaf 12 (WSL12), encoding a nucleoside diphosphate kinase 2 (OsNDPK2), regulates chloroplast development and abiotic stress response in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Ye, W; Hu, S; Wu, L; Ge, C; Cui, Y; Chen, P; Wang, X; Xu, J; Ren, D; Dong, G; Qian, Q; Guo, L

Molecular breeding : new strategies in plant improvement

Members of BTB Gene Family of Scaffold Proteins Suppress Nitrate Uptake and Nitrogen Use Efficiency.

Araus, V; Vidal, EA; Puelma, T; Alamos, S; Mieulet, D; Guiderdoni, E; Gutiérrez, RA

Plant physiology 2016 2

Regulatory Role of a Receptor-Like Kinase in Specifying Anther Cell Identity.

Yang, L; Qian, X; Chen, M; Fei, Q; Meyers, BC; Liang, W; Zhang, D

Plant physiology 2016 3

Alternative Splicing of Rice WRKY62 and WRKY76 Transcription Factor Genes in Pathogen Defense.

Liu, J; Chen, X; Liang, X; Zhou, X; Yang, F; Liu, J; He, SY; Guo, Z

Plant physiology 2016 2

Analysis of Chromatin Regulators Reveals Specific Features of Rice DNA Methylation Pathways.

Tan, F; Zhou, C; Zhou, Q; Zhou, S; Yang, W; Zhao, Y; Li, G; Zhou, DX

Plant physiology 2016 3

Differential Effects of Nitrogen Forms on Cell Wall Phosphorus Remobilization Are Mediated by Nitric Oxide, Pectin Content, and Phosphate Transporter Expression.

Zhu, CQ; Zhu, XF; Hu, AY; Wang, C; Wang, B; Dong, XY; Shen, RF

Plant physiology 2016 2

OsGatB, the Subunit of tRNA-Dependent Amidotransferase, Is Required for Primary Root Development in Rice.

Qin, C; Cheng, L; Zhang, H; He, M; Shen, J; Zhang, Y; Wu, P

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Identification of a Candidate Gene for Panicle Length in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Via Association and Linkage Analysis.

Liu, E; Liu, Y; Wu, G; Zeng, S; Tran Thi, TG; Liang, L; Liang, Y; Dong, Z; She, D; Wang, H; Zaid, IU; Hong, D

Frontiers in plant science 2016

Genome wide association mapping for grain shape traits in indica rice.

Feng, Y; Lu, Q; Zhai, R; Zhang, M; Xu, Q; Yang, Y; Wang, S; Yuan, X; Yu, H; Wang, Y; Wei, X

Planta 2016 4

Quantitative proteomic analysis of two different rice varieties reveals that drought tolerance is correlated with reduced abundance of photosynthetic machinery and increased abundance of ClpD1 protease.

Wu, Y; Mirzaei, M; Pascovici, D; Chick, JM; Atwell, BJ; Haynes, PA

Journal of proteomics 2016

The α-subunit of the rice heterotrimeric G protein, RGA1, regulates drought tolerance during the vegetative phase in the dwarf rice mutant d1.

Ferrero-Serrano, Á; Assmann, SM

Journal of experimental botany 2016 11

Ethylene is involved in root phosphorus remobilization in rice (Oryza sativa) by regulating cell-wall pectin and enhancing phosphate translocation to shoots.

Zhu, XF; Zhu, CQ; Zhao, XS; Zheng, SJ; Shen, RF

Annals of botany 2016

Hairpin RNA Targeting Multiple Viral Genes Confers Strong Resistance to Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus.

Wang, F; Li, W; Zhu, J; Fan, F; Wang, J; Zhong, W; Wang, MB; Liu, Q; Zhu, QH; Zhou, T; Lan, Y; Zhou, Y; Yang, J

International journal of molecular sciences 2016 5

The rice thylakoid membrane-bound ascorbate peroxidase OsAPX8 functions in tolerance to bacterial blight.

Jiang, G; Yin, D; Zhao, J; Chen, H; Guo, L; Zhu, L; Zhai, W

Scientific reports 2016

Seed-borne endophytic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens RWL-1 produces gibberellins and regulates endogenous phytohormones of Oryza sativa.

Shahzad, R; Waqas, M; Khan, AL; Asaf, S; Khan, MA; Kang, SM; Yun, BW; Lee, IJ

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

OsSRT1 is involved in rice seed development through regulation of starch metabolism gene expression.

Zhang, H; Lu, Y; Zhao, Y; Zhou, DX

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 2016

The Challenges and Solutions for Cadmium-contaminated Rice in China: A Critical Review.

Hu, Y; Cheng, H; Tao, S

Environment international

A Genetic Screen Identifies a Requirement for Cysteine-Rich-Receptor-Like Kinases in Rice NH1 (OsNPR1)-Mediated Immunity.

Chern, M; Xu, Q; Bart, RS; Bai, W; Ruan, D; Sze-To, WH; Canlas, PE; Jain, R; Chen, X; Ronald, PC

PLoS genetics 2016 5

Overexpression of rice glutaredoxins (OsGrxs) significantly reduces arsenite accumulation by maintaining glutathione pool and modulating aquaporins in yeast.

Verma, PK; Verma, S; Meher, AK; Pande, V; Mallick, S; Bansiwal, AK; Tripathi, RD; Dhankher, OP; Chakrabarty, D

Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB 2016

Regulatory role of the OsWOX3A transcription factor in rice root development.

Cho, SH; Paek, NC

Plant signaling & behavior 2016 6